Bicycle Blog: Race Day

By: Myles Rants “What would you be doing with all them gears sonny?” said the pie shaped man with a pointed finger. He was sporting a tired woolen cycling top that used to fit him, with his morning’s breakfast covering the embroidered sponsors’ name. He indicated to my new 8-speed Shimano SIS, the gearbox to my Raleigh Ritmo. For the whole of 1986 I, also, stared at the gears through … [Read more...]

Cyclocross Is Fun, Right?

So tonight I was one of the so-called lucky ones and got myself a starting bib (#57 out of 158) for the CrossVegas race during Interbike week. After a not so long 5 hour drive leaving at a very early 4:30am, and then spending the better part of the day on my feet at the trade show. I arrived at the race venue sleep deprived and with pretty dead legs. But not to be deterred by excuses I showed … [Read more...]


Pack Fodder by: VeloGuy There are times when words don’t need to be said. When the spoken alphabet adds nothing to the world. I didn’t need to ask the bloke sitting much too close at the bar last night, the names of his girlfriends/children, as they were right there, tattooed on his neck. I don’t need to ask a teenager what shop they got their sweater in, as it is right there, written all … [Read more...]

The Devil Wears USADA

So, is Travis Tygart the devil? Or is he just acting like he is? We may never know the answer to these questions, but I have some pretty strong ideas about him and his actions. So hear goes my rant. Tygart may not really be the devil, but damm if he is not acting like he is. His personal hyper vendetta against Lance Armstrong has gotten the best of him. He is a one man cycling wrecking machine … [Read more...]

Take-aways from Paris/Roubaix 2012

Flecha Taking Up The So Called Boonen Chase

Boonen has ridiculous form, he's seemingly getting stronger by the week. Its magical to watch when a guy with natural abilities is also motivated to reach peak performance. Add to that an awesome team and the absence of bad luck (no such thing as good luck on cobbles!) and it's a perfect storm of success. I doubt he himself will be able to top the success of this 4 month stretch. How would a … [Read more...]

A Big Thank You To Helen’s Cycles and Giro

So Sad, the before photo

It was one of those moments when your stomach drops and your world starts to spin around you. Yep, I found a crack in my 18 month old Giro helmet. It had never been crashed, but upon closer inspection Giro had determined that I had accidentally bumped against something (top tube or car door maybe). Since it was out of warranty I firmly believed that I was going to have to shell (pun intended) out … [Read more...]

Sprinting For 19th Is A Hard Habit To Break

Pack Fodder In Full Sprint For 19th Place

So I am not known for my Cavendish like finishing sprint, in fact I am not known for much more than a pack finish. But this season I have changed all that. I know what you are thinking. It goes something like this – What The Hell!!!!! How can Mr. Pack Fodder be anything else? It all happened when a Mr. Chris Lotts (of CBR glory) decided to create the Master 40+ 4/5 race category. Not only … [Read more...]

The Euro Race Watching Ritual by Ritte Van Vlaaderen

Written by: Lanolin - Ritte Van Vlaaderen I like surprises, especially when it comes to watching big races. Sure, most of the time you can predict who will likely win, but I dread the times when I find out beforehand that the rider I’d least expect sneaks away in the last 5k and wins by an inch. I want the live experience. Problem is at 7am here in California (about the time I wake up, figure … [Read more...]

Hidden Climb by Ritte Van Vlaanderen

There's almost no straight road up here.

Written by: Ritte Van Vlaanderen I’m not going to sound like myself in this post because I’m damned inspired right now. I’ve been riding my bicycle in the Malibu area for years now. Frankly, there’s nowhere in the country that can rival the variety of climbs combined with consistently good weather. Roads like Latigo Canyon, Decker, Piuma, Yerba Buena and others are iconic and beautiful. … [Read more...]

I Need Your Help To Recover A Stolen Bike!

Nothing makes me more angry than when I have to hear about someone getting their prized steed stolen, except when it happens to one of my teammates. The other day some low life scum sucker stole a bike from my friend. It does not matter the make, or how much it costs, but the fact that some a-hole hopped a wall, broke into a garage and stole his Bosberg. So in an attempt to help him get it … [Read more...]