So Tyler Hamilton decides now that he is going to return his Olympic Gold Medal. He now has also decided that he just cannot hold it in any longer. Yes, he says, it is true. My buddy Floyd told you and now I am. That is after 60 Minutes (the TV show) pays me to tell you. “I saw it in his refrigerator,” Hamilton told the American news program in the interview to air Sunday. “I saw … [Read more...]

Get Off The Road

All I heard was "get off the road, you stupid, road hogging, gay, retard", as another fat SUV driving slob came within a few inches of my left shoulder as he pinned me between his right side mirror and the parked cars. And even less surprising was the fact it was the third time within 35 minutes of riding. You gotta love riding in Los Angeles, or do you. I love cycling. I HATE RIDING IN LOS … [Read more...]

All Is Well Until It Rains

USPS Road Rash

So, how is it going for you so far on the bike? Me? Thanks for asking. All is well and the racing season is starting to take shape nicely. My power is up, my heart rate is lower, and my winter fat layer is starting to melt. My new coach is kick ass, both in his workouts and his results. I have already seen a few top 25 in my CAT 4 races. I have even started to work on my sprint to try … [Read more...]

My Big Fat Off Season

Are you freezing your butt off right now? Are you getting tired of riding your bike on the indoor trainer every day? Well guess what. I’m not. Currently as I look out my office window it is 75* and sunny, with a slight breeze. No, I am not kidding. In fact to piss you off even more, I am wearing shorts and a T-shirt. So why do I tell you this? As great as the weather is right now in SoCal, … [Read more...]

The Perfect Storm of Road Hazard

I’m pissed off. And I can only blame my own stupid judgment (or lack there of). Every idea always seems better the very moment you think of it. And in my case I usually make my best decisions after a night of home brewed Belgium beer. And the decision that I am going to explain was no exception. Here it is - I had a focus group 22 miles from my home and decided that I should just ride there. … [Read more...]

A Tri To The Track

The other day I let a friend of mine convince me to race a sprint triathlon on the same day I was going to attempt to revive my track career from 25 years ago. And in full disclosure my abilities on the track got me no more that a few races were I was not DFL (dead last). I have raced triathlon along side my road bike for the 25 years that I was away from the track. On the bike I have … [Read more...]

Landis and Lemond – BFF

Hey Floyd Landis, good news! Now that you and Greg Lemond are BFF (best friends forever) you get to go on his “Armstrong Stalking Tour”. Just think of all those media types that will allow you to open your pie hole and spew just about anything you can think of about that dude Lance for their cameras, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers. Plus! Since Lance travels so much you will be able … [Read more...]

What Were You Thinking?

Last weekend I went for a long training ride into the Santa Monica Mountains to not only get in some good hill climb miles, but escape the dirtiness of Los Angeles, the city I live in. On this ride I decided to go up Latigo as it is one of my favorites, as well as being a good nine mile slog. One of the most annoying things with living in a big city like Los Angeles is all the trash just thrown … [Read more...]