Pack Fodder by: VeloGuy There are times when words don’t need to be said. When the spoken alphabet adds nothing to the world. I didn’t need to ask the bloke sitting much too close at the bar last night, the names of his girlfriends/children, as they were right there, tattooed on his neck. I don’t need to ask a teenager what shop they got their sweater in, as it is right there, written all … [Read more...]

The Devil Wears USADA

So, is Travis Tygart the devil? Or is he just acting like he is? We may never know the answer to these questions, but I have some pretty strong ideas about him and his actions. So hear goes my rant. Tygart may not really be the devil, but damm if he is not acting like he is. His personal hyper vendetta against Lance Armstrong has gotten the best of him. He is a one man cycling wrecking machine … [Read more...]

Fisch Stories – Stop Crashing Idiots

What goes through your head when you see a bike crash? What goes through your head when you are in your final lap of a race and see a crash? What goes through your head when the crash is so severe that some cyclists aren't able to shake it off, and one man is down for the count, with a broken collarbone? Last weekend I was in a Cat 4/5 Race and during the final lap, more than 10 guys hit the … [Read more...]

Hotfoot solved! (hopefully)

Maybe you've been feeling it too.  Burning sensation in the ball of the foot, possibly some numbness, stinging in the toes, and other unpleasantness.  I've had it in increasing levels for several years, and naturally the more I ride, the worse it becomes.  This after numerous changes of shoes, at least a couple of different bikes, different seats, and so on.  I saw a doctor for it, and (read … [Read more...]

“House training” for group rides…basic rules of the roady

It's that time of year when roadies are piling into crits or prepping for the upcoming MS150, or maybe doing one of those fun "tour" rides for a day, a weekend, or longer.  If you're relatively new to group riding, you might be wondering about some of the do's and don'ts involved.  We hear you loud and clear, and are happy to offer the top 20 rules of pack-riding, below.     The House … [Read more...]

Take-aways from Paris/Roubaix 2012

Flecha Taking Up The So Called Boonen Chase

Boonen has ridiculous form, he's seemingly getting stronger by the week. Its magical to watch when a guy with natural abilities is also motivated to reach peak performance. Add to that an awesome team and the absence of bad luck (no such thing as good luck on cobbles!) and it's a perfect storm of success. I doubt he himself will be able to top the success of this 4 month stretch. How would a … [Read more...]

Death Last To Top 20

FIRST RACE Race day, the day that I have been looking forward to for so long has finally arrived. I have trained, dieted, shaved my legs and even washed my kit. My Bicycle.Net kit looks sick, and bike is riding well. How do I feel, sick to my stomach, I have been sick all week with a cold that does not want to go away. It also doesn’t help that I was drinking the night before. I gather … [Read more...]

The Cranky Mechanic – How Lite Can You Go?

By Uncle Chad Ewh boy! It’s been a while. What happened is that I test road a new bike, and it was so light that I broke the earth’s gravitational pull, and just drifted off in a thermal across the horizon and couldn’t get back down! What the hell is happening here? The bikes are getting so lite it’s crazy! (Sweatball dripping off my nose!). First it was titanium, then … [Read more...]

Texas Motor Speedway Paceline – Winter training update

Just got back from an hour of unintentional interval training that was supposed to have been a fast group-ride with me tucked safely out of the wind.  Minor difference. But it had turned windy this afternoon -- surprise!  By rush-hour flags were starched stiff against the sky, and I wasn’t even sure it made sense to ride.  Owning an indoor spin bike tends to make one wimpy about going out … [Read more...]

Fisch Tales – A Cycling Blog

Fisch here, and I am a roadie. I am that guy who talks bikes, talks gear, talks shop, I even talk about which shaving cream is smoother for my legs. I will race others up hills and down, to stop signs and light posts. In group rides, I strive to be first to the rest stop, and when I see a group of riders in front of me I HAVE TO PASS THEM. I wear a kit that matches, socks, leg, arm warmers, … [Read more...]