In Triathlons, There is No Try, There is Only Tri or Not Tri

Forgive the paraphrasing of Star Wars' Yoda in the article title, but the diminuitive Jedi's advice seemed appropo. So the time has come for bfntg (big fat new tri guy) to start his training program. But first we must find out his current life style patterns. The things that we need to find out will be what he eats, when he eats it, and how much of it he does eat (he keeps saying he is … [Read more...]

Triathlon Diary – T Minus 3 Weeks

What have I gotten myself into?'s owner and my friend, VeloGuy, has shamed me into considering doing my first triathlon. How bad is this? I'll be 44 next month, I'm 6 feet tall and hover in the low 270 poind range. I've chosen the handle bfntg -- short for Big Fat New Tri Guy -- and am not yet willing to use my real name in order not to needlessly humiliate my wife and six … [Read more...]