I Still Don’t Speak French, But I Know You Speak English

Today was a day of liberation, of pushing through mental and physical crashes to live another day, to pick yourself up and start fresh all over again. And again and again, no matter how many attempts it takes. [ Warning – ramble alert. In true traumatized fashion, ] Stage 3 of the Tour de France ran from Wanze, Belgium through 13.2 kilometers of famous cobbles in the north of France to … [Read more...]

Diabetes and Sport: The Video Game of Your Life – Extended Version

Director Sportifs sometimes describe their jobs as akin to playing a video game, with detailed strategies executed as if by remote control. In the Team Type 1 camp, the video game starts with obsessive attachment to blood glucose monitors and the game of staying within a healthy range. I arrived Thursday evening and landed into a sea of inspired crew and racers. By the time the racers started … [Read more...]

The Joys of Neutrality – A Ride In The SRAM Neutral Support Car (Stage 5 Tour of California)

Neutrality can be fun. Especially on a day when a certain (former) pro-cyclist decides to “clear his conscience” in a fairly non-neutral manner. You can read all about that here or here or here or here. Use your Google skills and you'll find plenty more, in a multitude of languages.  Here, I shall count the joys of being neutral. Today I got to ride in the SRAM Neutral Support Car #1. … [Read more...]

Stage 4, San Jose to Modesto – Rollin’ in the Party Car

The Tour of California caravan party starts with techno music and loud announcements of the whereabouts of the peloton and an explanation of the blinking lights careening down the street. I had the opportunity to hang out with rolling race announcers Jamie Smith and Brad Sohner. The Announcer Car is packed solid with electronics, wires, and a giant speaker system mounted on top of the car. … [Read more...]

A Ride In A Team Car With Team Type 1

Ah I love the sounds and adventures of bike racing. And as with everything in life, it’s all about the people with whom you share your experiences. Today I got to ride in Team Type 1’s car #1, with director sportif Vassili Davidenko, team founder and CEO Phil Southerland, and mechanic Alex Banyay From the beginning, the mood was light and fun. We mixed in some Smashing Pumpkins and … [Read more...]