The Cody Chronicles – Tour of Utah Stage 4

Taylor Phinney rode 9.2 miles (14.8km) in 16min 36secs at an average speed of 33.2mph (53.5kph). Levi Leipheimer wore his bib shorts over his jersey (more aero) as he didn't have a Mellow Johnny's skinsuit (not allowed to wear Radioshack kit in an NRC event) and only lost 2 seconds. I did neither of these things at any point during the stage and that is all that I have to say about that. … [Read more...]

The Cody Chronicles -Tour of Utah Stage 3

Stage 3 - Mt. Nebo That climb is a bitch! We had a pleasant little jaunt around a lake for 100km, then 20km of hell. The stage was like an accordion the entire day, until we got to the base of the climb and then it was just in pieces. At kilometer 5 a group of 10 odd had gone up the road, TT1 gave chase and kept it at bay for the next hour and then a few of the other teams were interested in … [Read more...]

The Cody Chronicles – Tour of Utah

Prologue - Warm up, ride as hard as you can, post a terrible time, wonder how Taylor Phinney can ride so incredibly fast. Stage 1 - Woh! That was bad, epic bad. We rode out of Ogden at 50kph, kinda uphill. Then we hit the first climb of the day, I tried to breath through the straw that was given to me at Salt Lake Airport, it really didn't work to well. We formed a groupetto, I then blew my … [Read more...]

The Cody Chronicles

So, apparently my computer enjoys coffee as much as I do.... It drank an entire french press, got out of control, threw some sparks, hissed and whistled like a worn out circus ride, then had a melt down..... much like what happens to me when I drink an entire french press! So that is my excuse for being lame and not getting a blog done! All this coffee drinking happened whilst on the road, … [Read more...]

The Cody Chronicles

The season is well under way and I have experienced a mixed bag so far. There has been a lot going on inside the cycling bubble! Not least of which, I have spent the last 10 days at or above 5000ft... and topping out at around 7500ft at the Tour of the Gila. I headed East from my San Diego home to do a little road trip with my team mate, Taylor Kneuven, and hit up Bisbee and Gila for some bike … [Read more...]