Turbo Chicken: Never Say Die

It is Wednesday morning, just 3 short days until 2010 Masters State Track Championships. My plan is to take it easy this week, off weights and just a few standing starts on my road bike to keep some snap in my legs for the weekend’s 500TT. I have been pushing mucho hard lately, that is what you do before a key race. There have been lots of track sprints, chasing down a metallic purple … [Read more...]

Hey, Ladies Only

Ok, for all the ladies out there, I am going to talk about female stuff. So guys, now is your chance to ditch this blog and go read “Cranky Mechanic.” Performing as a female athlete has its challenges to say the least. My pet rant is there is not enough gear manufactured specifically for women, but that was another blog-a-go. This has to do with hormones baby, or the lack there … [Read more...]

Off The Bike, Really Off

Written by: Lauren Jacobsen I spend a lot of time talking about being ON my bike, so let me flip it and talk about being OFF my bike. Yes, it’s more than a real bummer, especially when you come home from the Nationals on peak form and then go straight into absolutely nada, zero time on the bike, the gym or anything else that requires moving. I knew I was just holding together with tape and … [Read more...]

At Nationals – Have Lost Brain, Please Return If Found

My coach Antony and I had strategized all about the Masters Track Nationals in Colorado Springs. I have never competed at altitude, so really had no experience to fall back on here. Our plan was "if you cannot be there to acclimate for the altitude all month, then it is better to fly in the day before, race and then get back to sea level before the next race at the end of the week.” ?So, we came … [Read more...]

State Championships Done-Nationals StillTo Go

Written by: Lauren Jacobsen So the State Bicycle Championships went well. Won my Individual 500TT as well as the Team Sprint with my partner Louise. This is the first year Louise is competing on the track and it has been a crash course for her with Antony Galvan, my coach, and I. Let me see, how did she describe it…oh yeah; “With my track bike wedged firmly between Antony's legs, and … [Read more...]

Photographing The NOW Women’s Race Team

If herding cats were an Olympic sport, this event would certainly have qualified for a medal. Here’s what took place. I was asked by our NOW women’s Team Captain, Louise, if I would coordinate an upcoming photo shoot for our women’s cycling team. Well, having been “in the biz” for enough years to run it with my eyes closed from my couch, I say “sure”. Let me preface by saying I … [Read more...]

Racing Crits-What’s Not To Love?

Written by: Lauren Jacobsen I’ve been working out in peak and race phase of training. Still not up to full throttle yet for several months, but it is looking promising. Again, more power gained this year over last, and we have not maximized my efforts yet. In the meantime, my coach, you know and love him; “Coach Meat”, has me racing crits for fitness. I’d rather slug down some 409 … [Read more...]

Lauren Jacobsen – Back To Base Training

BACK TO BASE TRAINING It’s that time of year. I don’t just mean the holidays, quite the opposite, it’s base training again. Although I must admit that shopping at Christmas is starting to look more and more like a points race at the Velodrome. There’s a lot of pushing, bumping and eventually someone slides across the floor. No, I mean the long, slow miles where your legs become … [Read more...]

I Gotta Bone To Pick by Turbo Chicken

RACE RANT I gotta bone to pick. OK, maybe just a rant. After all, I’m the one with the jacked up shoulder now. A few months ago I was in a crit race out at CBR. We had 2 categories out on the course racing around a 1 mile, 4-corner loop. A nice, clean wide course. I have been in a lot of these crit races now for about 3 years. Don’t love ‘em, not my deal. I like the clock, the … [Read more...]

One Major Fast Lap

Remember my race report on the Individual 500TT I wrote? After my f'd up start? And remember I vowed my ass would be on fire ?for the Team Sprint coming up the following Sunday? ?? Never under estimate an angry sprinter! During the week, my coach and I talked about the Team Sprint before I left to go back up again to the Nationals on Saturday and how my partner and I should be able to win the … [Read more...]