Nashville’s Ride For Reading Set To Bring Its Mission Back To Las Vegas

A Nashville based non-profit participating in Interbike to deliver books to Las Vegas students NASHVILLE, TN (July 9, 2012) - Ride for Reading, a Tennessee based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote literacy and healthy living through the distribution of books via bicycle to children from low-income areas, is headed back to Las Vegas, NV for both the annual Interbike Convention … [Read more...]

The (other) Situation

I'm a wreck, more or less, and it's getting worse by the day. I've lost weight and my wife says I'm obsessing over it (admittedly I am, but even more than she knows, therefore I disagree with her).  I'm worried about the weather two weeks hence, and about my fitness and what little time I have for training.  I'm rightfully nervous about an airline flight I'll take a week from Friday, and … [Read more...]


This year I moved to North Texas and what perfect timing -- August 28th brings a 3-day cycling fest up in Wichita Falls called the Hotter'n Hell Hundred, or HHH by the locals. The reason for the name is obvious -- north Texas in late August is a place even the Devil can't tolerate.  Heat and a steady wind make it like riding into the face of the world's biggest blow dryer. Or so they … [Read more...]


WILL A TEPID STAGE RACE ACROSS PAN-FLAT AUSTRALIA BE THE MOST IMPORTANT PRO EVENT OF 2009? Next week we will all find out how dominant the Astana/Lance combo can be, and we think The Man protest-eth too much, as they say. Lance says he's "in shape" and "ahead of previous Januaries" in terms of fitness and weight.  But then he's careful to add that he's "nervous" about how quickly he can … [Read more...]

Sunday’s News Today: Vande Velde Wins Tour of Missouri!

What year-long coming out party it has been for the former hyper-domestique Christian Vande Velde, who - now keep this a secret, please - just WON the Tour of Missouri by CRUSHING the individual time trial.  Being a real-time or sooner news service, we felt it unnecessary to wait until they make this all official on Sunday. Anyway, for years, Vande Velde, now riding for Garmin-Chipotle, has … [Read more...]

The Anti-Tour: The Lighter Side Of Cycling

Okay, so we have some degree of drama in the Tour (finally) as Cadel Evans struggles to hang on to his presumed superiority in the race, and yes, we've had the obligatory doping arrests which have, thankfully, become mostly non-news.  So far, so good.   Beginning tomorrow and following on Wednesday we can expect some continued fireworks among the Tour GC contenders when we find out once and … [Read more...]

Cyclists’ “Woodstock” Weeks Away

Going to RAGBRAI again, God Bless! The cyclist's version of Woodstock is once again, gratefully, at hand, and I'm positively stewing in anticipation of the chance to get together with a couple tens of thousands of cyclists and a five-hundred miles of nearly constant SAG support. For those of you who haven't heard of it, the acronym stands for Register's Annual Greater B-something Ride Across … [Read more...]

Tour of Gila: The Longest Race Report In The History Of The Team

The following race report was emailed to me by one of my team mates. We have a team tradition that the team member that places the highest in the overall gets the honor of writing the race report. On this occasion I just could not let this one slip by and not share it with the readers of The team that I ride for is Kahala La Grange out of Westwood, CA. I have changed the names of … [Read more...]

Planet Ultra KOM Century Challenge – One Riders Record Breaking Ride

The 2008 Planet Ultra King of the Mountains Century Challenge was awesome! 3 days, 323 miles. And 30,800 ft. of climbing; what more could any cyclist ask for? From the beautiful Malibu hillsides, to the highest paved road in SoCal, and all the way to the frigid cold of the Los Padres National Forest, this series certainly pushed every rider who entered to their limit. I'm only 16 years old. Most … [Read more...]

Amateur Racing Update From America’s Breadbasket

Okay, so this year it seems the common thread of logic, is that to attract good money-paying racers one has to claim they've got the GOD AWFUL HARDEST race course e-e-e-ever.   In our case, it's called Hellbender - but not for reasons you would think - and it proclaims it is BAR NONE the hardest race in Missouri.  Okay, first, the Hellbender name alone almost got me to no-show, till I learned … [Read more...]