Nashville’s Ride For Reading Set To Bring Its Mission Back To Las Vegas

A Nashville based non-profit participating in Interbike to deliver books to Las Vegas students NASHVILLE, TN (July 9, 2012) - Ride for Reading, a Tennessee based non-profit organization whose mission is to promote literacy and healthy living through the distribution of books via bicycle to children from low-income areas, is headed back to Las Vegas, NV for both the annual Interbike Convention … [Read more...]

Who Am I?

What's crazy? You need to decide. On Twitter you could say I'm pretty crazy, or you could say I just have a weird sense of humor. Off the court you could say I'm pretty crazy, or you could say I'm just ghetto. On the court you could say I'm pretty crazy, or you could say I just play really hard. To each person, I could be a different person. So you need to decide. Of course, there have been … [Read more...]

InterBike Outdoor Demo – More Than Just The Bike

Last year was not able to make the Outdoor demo, and we made a commitment to be there in 2009. Well we made it today and can say that it is way worth the visit. What makes the Outdoor so different is the carnival atmosphere and sheer number of bikes that you can ride. And not just your bike shop test ride around a couple of blocks. But really ride. Like bombing a decent and out of … [Read more...]

Sean Maher – Riding Out The Recession

British graduate Sean Maher is set to travel unaided through West Africa to escape the world wide recession and raise $20,000 for charity. He tells why: In November this year I plan to cycle from Cornwall to Cape Town. There are two reasons for doing so: The first is to keep myself occupied for a year and the second is to prove to myself, and to other people that even though the … [Read more...]


This year I moved to North Texas and what perfect timing -- August 28th brings a 3-day cycling fest up in Wichita Falls called the Hotter'n Hell Hundred, or HHH by the locals. The reason for the name is obvious -- north Texas in late August is a place even the Devil can't tolerate.  Heat and a steady wind make it like riding into the face of the world's biggest blow dryer. Or so they … [Read more...]

Cross Training the Whole Family

Its hard to explain to colleagues from the Midwest or Northeast just what its like to live in Los Angeles in the winter. Living in a SoCal winter is like living in three worlds at once. This week you could find our Bicycle.Net crew heading out for a beach ride down the coast in perfect 75 degree weather, training in the Santa Monica Mountain foothills under blue skies, rolling through the … [Read more...]

High Gasoline Prices Help Bicycles Gain Ground In The Netherlands and World

by Alix Rijckaert THE HAGUE, Sept 7, 2008 (AFP) - The Dutch rely ever more on the humble bike for transport as pollution concerns and high petrol prices give new impetus to traditional pedal power in the only country with more bicycles than people. The average Dutchman cycled 902 kilometres in 2006, up 16 kilometres from 15 years ago, according to official statistics. Annual … [Read more...]

The Anti-Tour: The Lighter Side Of Cycling

Okay, so we have some degree of drama in the Tour (finally) as Cadel Evans struggles to hang on to his presumed superiority in the race, and yes, we've had the obligatory doping arrests which have, thankfully, become mostly non-news.  So far, so good.   Beginning tomorrow and following on Wednesday we can expect some continued fireworks among the Tour GC contenders when we find out once and … [Read more...]

July 4th 2008 – One Family’s Bike Ride

On July 4, 1776, America claimed our independence and Democracy was born. July 4, 2008, my family celebrated that freedom and independence - our American dream - with a bike ride. Spirit (July 4th Weekend) from Bracken James Batson on Vimeo. By: James Bracken … [Read more...]

Cyclists’ “Woodstock” Weeks Away

Going to RAGBRAI again, God Bless! The cyclist's version of Woodstock is once again, gratefully, at hand, and I'm positively stewing in anticipation of the chance to get together with a couple tens of thousands of cyclists and a five-hundred miles of nearly constant SAG support. For those of you who haven't heard of it, the acronym stands for Register's Annual Greater B-something Ride Across … [Read more...]