“lose the training wheels” by David Shields

Lose the Training Wheels By Dave Shields A couple of months ago the Wichita, Kansas chapter of the MS Society invited me to ride in their event and speak at their dinner. As those of you who have participated in charitable rides like this already know, the atmosphere is almost always electric and addictive. This particular ride was even better than usual, especially because of the presence of … [Read more...]

Broken – By Bicycling.com

Please read this article completely. Once you are finished get motivated to go out and get invovled to improve the safety on the roads where you live. We need each and every bicyclist to speak up and be heard to fight for our rights to ride the roads safely. If you have any ideas that you would like Bicycle.net to publish please let us know, we would like to help you in your work. Ride … [Read more...]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on Bicycles

OK, not all of us are aspiring Tour de France peloton-niks. Maybe some of our shallower friends use People magazine to determine what their exercise plans should be. Keeping it light for the holidays, we bring you Brad and Angelina... Hooray for putting helmets on the kids, but the ankle-biters grow up quickly to become hyper-sensitive hypocrisy … [Read more...]

Fired Lotto doctor, Dr. Sam Vermeire defends himself

Fired Lotto doctor, Dr. Sam Vermeire defends himself Dr. Sam Vermeire, who was fired from the Predictor-Lotto squad this week as he was blamed for Björn Leukemans' positive anti-doping test result for artificial testosterone, has admitted that he prescribed Prasteron, which contains the forbidden hormone DHEA, to the rider. "I made a mistake, yes," he told Sporza on Friday. "But what I gave … [Read more...]

Flat Tire – Now what am I to do but wait for one of santas reindeers

Veloguy here. I am part of the very large "LA TriClub" in Los Angeles, CA. The club has something like 1,500 members, and still has that small club feel. The email below sent to the entire club and I thought that I would share it with you. We should keep in mind why we started riding our bikes, and that we are part of one very large community that needs to take care of its members. I have … [Read more...]

How a Beach Cruiser can keep you fit

Bicycle.net has a new contributor from an extremely cool bike shop in Southern California. They are a cruiser bicycle store only. Their first editorial contribution is below. read the post and then check out Chubby's One Stop Cruiser Shop. My favorites are the stretched out singlespeed cruisers. How a Beach Cruiser can keep you fit Working out does a lot of good for your health. Regular … [Read more...]

Motorcycle (Bicycle) School: Be Very Afraid

ANY TIME YOU SEE THE WORD "MOTORCYCLE", EXCHANGE THE WORD "BICYCLE". ALMOST EVERYTHING STATED CAN BE SAID OF A BICYCLE ALSO. Motorcycle School: Be Very Afraid Article Tools Sponsored By By RICHARD S. CHANG Published: October 14, 2007 Massapequa, N.Y. HE first session of the Basic Rider Course at Trama’s Auto School is spent learning about everything that can go horribly wrong … [Read more...]

Good Karma Wanted…Apply Within

As cyclists, we’ve had almost as tough a run lately as your neighborhood mortgage banker or your favorite post-teen Hollywood starlette.  Seems we just can get no respect.  More troubling, is that we often don’t exactly give it, either. A short and vastly incomplete list of Some Things We Don’t Like would include – -          Drivers who pass too closely or yell or throw … [Read more...]

VeloGuy Featured in LA Sports & Fitness

LA S&W September 2007

VeloGuy of Bicycle.net has gotten himself into the magazine called LAS&F (Los Angeles Sports & Fitness). As a member of Team Polar he not only rides in bicycle races, but also in races in triathlons. As an advocate for Team Polar he conducts clinics on the proper use of training with a heart rate monitors, as well as the proper use of the Polar heart rate products for both cycling as well as … [Read more...]

Capitulation: by JT Fisher

Capitulation Even the most ardent enthusiast of the sport of cycling deserves a break from the daily fallout of riders gone bad. Going into this year’s Tour, I for one remained unabashedly optimistic. Notwithstanding chances a scenario as disheartening as last year’s Operation Puerto the night before/ Landis positive the day after might arise, there was hope that the 2007 Tour might … [Read more...]