The (other) Situation

I'm a wreck, more or less, and it's getting worse by the day. I've lost weight and my wife says I'm obsessing over it (admittedly I am, but even more than she knows, therefore I disagree with her).  I'm worried about the weather two weeks hence, and about my fitness and what little time I have for training.  I'm rightfully nervous about an airline flight I'll take a week from Friday, and … [Read more...]

Fat Legs: Cycling’s Real Image Issue

Ever noticed your shop ride is missing a certain je ne c'est quoi? Sure, you've got the cocky team riders in matching kits who'll duke it out at hills and sprint points, and those ever-suffering sleeveless-jersey wearing triathletes on their slick bikes with funny looking handlebars who will go off the front from the start and assiduously avoid drafting better than 60's hippies headed north … [Read more...]

Is the Exercise Cool-Down Really Necessary?

By GINA KOLATA @ NY TIMES Published: October 13, 2009 MY husband and I were riding our bikes not long ago, and when we were about a mile from home, we did our usual thing. We call it the sprint to the finish: ride as hard and as fast as we can until we reach our driveway, racing to see who could get there first. We pulled up, slammed on our brakes and hopped off our bikes. A neighbor was … [Read more...]


Go to any bike store today and it near impossible not to notice that there are more and more nutritional products taking up their shelf space. Whether in the form of pills, powders, or liquids they all claim some quick benefit to the aspiring amateur athlete. Trying to sort through all the claims can be not only a daunting experience, but just might leave more confused then you started. As … [Read more...]

Alternative Route Back A Winner For Roulston

by Ryland James MARTIGNY, Switzerland, July 21, 2009 (AFP) - A chance meeting in a pub with an alternative healer is the last place you would expect a Tour de France rider to pin-point as the moment he got his career back. Having been diagnosed in 2006 with a rare and incurable heart disease known to cause sudden death in athletes - Hayden Roulston's cycling career was over at … [Read more...]

Diary of a Cat 5er, Part II — Winter In The Dungeon

It's been a long, cold winter here in middle America, our windy days coming with a particular "bite" that makes cycling outdoors a sport for the bold or the sick-of-mind, but not for you or me.  We own the basements and gyms and YMCAs that provide the chance for a good comfortable workout, provided one can stand the monotony of a never-changing landscape. For those who live meaningfully south … [Read more...]

Eric Heiden: Former Olympic Champ Helping To Build Future Champs At Team BMC

There are few teams lucky enough to have a former Olympic Champion and Tour de France alumnus as their doctor. For Eric Heiden, it certainly seems nothing succeeds like success. After winning five Olympic gold medals for speed skating in 1980, Heiden moved on to try his hand at professional cycling. He and Jim Ochowicz helped form the base of the very successful 7-Eleven cycling team. … [Read more...]

Team Type 1 Will Speak To Students About Diabetes

Solvang, Calif. — Five members of Team Type 1 will pay a visit to a California elementary school to speak to students about Type 1 diabetes, the importance of bicycle safety and what it is like to be a professional cyclist. Morgan Patton and Willem Van den Eynde – two of six racers on the Team Type 1 professional men’s and women’s teams who have Type 1 diabetes – will be joined by … [Read more...]

Spain To Re-open Operation Puerto Doping Investigation

MADRID, Jan 17, 2009 (AFP) - Spanish justice is to re-open the Operation Puerto probe into blood doping in cycling which a judge had left on file last September, El Pais newspaper reported Saturday. A provincial court in Madrid has ruled that there were indications of "an offense against public health" which merited renewed examination and had therefore called for the investigation to be … [Read more...]

Double World Champion Rebecca Rusch Joins Bike Pure

Bike Pure are pleased to announce the arrival of Team Specialized racer and 2 time World Champion Rebecca Rusch. Rebecca, who has been a professional for 10 years is one of the world's finest endurance athletes. Her sporting CV is littered with exceptional results from World Championships, USA National Championships in two different sports - 24hr solo mountain biking and 24hr Orienteering to … [Read more...]