Go For The REAL Stuff

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Written by: Lea Crosetti, RD, CSSD As a sports dietitian and endurance athlete, I am always looking for new food variations to eat out on the course. Whether it be an attempt to “go more natural”, avoid the GI issues with sugary sports nutrition products, or simply get more variety and tasty foods my body is craving while cycling, it’s the quest to find a nourishing, tolerable and tasty … [Read more...]

New Cookbook Feed Zone Portables Offers Easy, Delicious Snack Recipes for Athletes

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Boulder, CO, USA - May 21, 2013 - When Dr. Allen Lim left the lab to work with professional cyclists, he found athletes weary of processed bars and gels and the same old pasta. So Lim joined professional chef Biju Thomas to make eating delicious and practical. When the menu changed, no one could argue with the race results. Their groundbreaking Feed Zone Cookbook brought the favorite recipes of … [Read more...]

Clif Bar Introduces CLIF® Kit’s Organic™

Clif Bar Introduces CLIF® Kit’s Organic™, a Gluten-Free Fruit and Nut Bar Made with Simple, Organic Ingredients New Snack Bar is the Vision of Kit Crawford, co-CEO of Clif Bar & Company EMERYVILLE, Calif., May 31, 2012 – CLIF® Kit’s Organic™, the new, simply delicious snack bar made with 100 percent organic fruit and nuts, is now on shelves nationwide in natural food and select … [Read more...]

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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Written by: Lea Crosetti When you think of fat, what do you think of? Greasy foods? Clogged arteries? Love handles? Often times, we have a negative connotation of fats and some have scrutinized over each gram consumed for years. But word is getting out about the health benefits of some fats and why you should include them at every meal, especially if you are an athlete. As athletes, we … [Read more...]

CLIF® BAR Experts Weigh In on Top Sports Nutrition Questions

Five Top Experts Give Practical Advice on Everything from Carb-Loading to Electrolyte Intake EMERYVILLE, Calif., August 23, 2011 – A proper nutrition strategy can mean the difference between a personal best and hitting the wall, but all too often conflicting opinions and decades-old myths leave athletes without concrete answers to their most-asked food questions. To make expert nutrition … [Read more...]

Sugar Overload – Part 2

Written by: Lea Crosetti, RD (BariAthletes.com) IF you did not read "Sugar Overload - Part 1 yet - CLICK HERE -first The actual molecule of sugar (glucose) is needed for energy production within our bodies. When people go on extreme diets and eliminate all types of sugars or carbohydrates, our bodies begin to break down muscle and fat to produce glucose. However this process isn’t without … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Athletes

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Written by: Lea Crosetti The gluten-free diet seems to have become the next best thing. More and more people are turning to gluten-free foods despite not having gluten allergies or celiac disease. Food manufacturers appear to be abandoning the “Low Carb” marketing and turning to “Gluten-Free” to feed this frenzy. But why? What are the advantages of going gluten-free? First let me … [Read more...]

Yoo Hoo, the best sports drink you never thought of…

Dear Yoo Hoo - scratch that -  Dr. Pepper Snapple company: Once in a while one gets a great idea, and if they're smart and enterprising, they find some way to make a buck off of it.  Other times they simply "gift" the idea to the world for whatever altruistic reasons or perhaps because they're too lazy too chase a buck, or perhaps they want to avoid a higher tax bracket. … [Read more...]

The Supplements We Use

Written by: Josh Horowitz (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling) The most common questions I get as a professional bike racer surround the subject of nutrition. What do you eat on and off the bike and what kind of supplements do you take? I’ve previously addressed the question regarding diet in my article The Pistachio Diet but the supplementation question is a bit more elusive. There is a sense of … [Read more...]

The Pistachio Diet – Part II

Written by: Josh Horowitz Due to popular demand stemming from last month’s Pistachio Diet article, I have decided to write a follow up piece with specific dietary recommendations for cyclists looking to get the most out of the food they eat. Clarifications The thing that seems to cause the most confusion for athletes, dieters and the general public is the common use and mis-use of the … [Read more...]