The Supplements We Use

Written by: Josh Horowitz (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling) The most common questions I get as a professional bike racer surround the subject of nutrition. What do you eat on and off the bike and what kind of supplements do you take? I’ve previously addressed the question regarding diet in my article The Pistachio Diet but the supplementation question is a bit more elusive. There is a sense of … [Read more...]

The Pistachio Diet – Part II

Written by: Josh Horowitz Due to popular demand stemming from last month’s Pistachio Diet article, I have decided to write a follow up piece with specific dietary recommendations for cyclists looking to get the most out of the food they eat. Clarifications The thing that seems to cause the most confusion for athletes, dieters and the general public is the common use and mis-use of the … [Read more...]

The Balancing Act: Sports Nutrition Supplements VS Real Food

Are your kitchen cabinets beginning to look like the inside of a sports nutrition store? During peak training it may seem like we consume more sports nutrition products than actual real food, whether it be before, during or after our rides and workouts. But how much is too much and can we get our sports nutrition needs met with real foods? Determining the right time and amount of the supplements … [Read more...]

The Pistachio Diet

Written by: Josh Horowitz (Liquid Cycling) Pistachios are only one part of this diet but I chose the name because pistachios have in them all of the major components of the foods that I will be recommending. Pistachios have one of the highest dietary FIBER counts of any nut. Pistachios are stacked with PROTEIN, specifically the amino acid arganine, a pre-curser to nitric oxide, a vasodilator … [Read more...]

Vitamin D “The Sunshine Vitamin”

Are you getting your daily dose of the sunshine vitamin? As cyclists, it’s easy to think we get enough vitamin D just from being outside as much as we are, but you may be surprised how many athletes come back with low levels. Vitamin D has been a hot topic in the nutrition arena with many differing debates occurring now. With more and more research showing the extensive health benefits of … [Read more...]

The Food Coach

A very common thought amongst cyclist is the advantage we have of being able to eat just about anything we want. Although we are burning off all those yummy calories and don’t have as much GI distress as runners, we are probably not getting the most value out of our foods as possible. Consuming the appropriate balance of nutrients can likely improve our performance. Although each cyclist has … [Read more...]


Go to any bike store today and it near impossible not to notice that there are more and more nutritional products taking up their shelf space. Whether in the form of pills, powders, or liquids they all claim some quick benefit to the aspiring amateur athlete. Trying to sort through all the claims can be not only a daunting experience, but just might leave more confused then you started. As … [Read more...]

Product Review: Camelbak Podium Bottle

By Neil Leventhal They said it couldn’t be done, but it looks like Camelbak may have accomplished what has long been considered impossible, “building a better mouse trap”. I have to admit that when I first received the Camelbak Podium bottle for review I was skeptical, but after the first ride I was hooked. Whether on the bike or in the gym, the Podium Bottle is always close … [Read more...]

Hey Cyclists; A little high-impact exercise can help prevent osteoporosis, experts say

I saw this article this morning in the Los Angeles Times about how a little strength exercise can help keep Osteoprosis away. This email went around my local bike club, and atleast one member confirmed that he has this same problem. But has been told that within a few years he should be able to counter the damage done to his bones. A little high-impact exercise can help prevent … [Read more...]