Product Review: HydroPak’s Brand New Gel-Bot Water Bottle

So at what point does a water bottle stop being a water bottle? If not now, then we are very close. As I was walking the floor of the Interbike trade show I was just about to walk past the HydroPak booth thinking nothing here for me. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the Gel-Bot. Water bottles used to be considered low tech, but not anymore. In the world of carbon fiber and ceramic … [Read more...]


As cyclists we are always looking for that competitive edge that will help us improve our performance that last 10%. We focus on our training, equipment, diet, sleep, and recovery. It's this last category (recovery) that BioBuilde helps the cyclist improve. I was sent a bottle of BioBuilde to try, and like most of the products that end up on my office door I am a skeptic at heart. I have … [Read more...]

Product Review: CycleSound Bicycle Sound System

In one word, BULLSEYE! This is the product that I have been waiting for: If you have kids, or were ever a kid yourself, do you remember being in the car going somewhere for over an hour and hearing "Are We There Yet"? Well when my wife and I take our three kids on a bike ride down by the Pacific Ocean, that is all we used to hear. But not now. So when I take out our tandem, attach the … [Read more...]

Tour Fever – The Armchair Cyclist’s Guide to the Tour de France (Book Review)

I've got a confession. Until this year, I was a participatory cyclist, a civilian bike commuter, and not a spectator of the sport. Working alongside VeloGuy, that's changed and I've been developing my passion for the peloton. A big hurdle was learning the vocabulary of the velo world. I felt as frustrated as Lou Costello understanding Bud Abbot in "Who's on first?", except this time it was … [Read more...]

Follow-up: Cyclist’s Head Run Over By Truck

In Giro Helmet Helps Saves Man Head When He Gets Run Over By Truck, we noted the story of a guy who brakes and flips over his handle bars and his luckily Giro-helmeted head is run over by a truck. If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few thousand more: How this happens: Of course it could have been worse... a LOT worse. … [Read more...]

A Bicycle Clothing Store Only- Heck Yeah – Indie Bike Has Arrived

I know what you are asking, because I asked the same question. Why would I want to shop at an online bicycle store that sells only cycling apparel. Thats right, no bikes, no helmets, no pedals, no wheels, no.... well nothing but cycling clothes. You want to go to Indie Bike because they have a huge selection for both men and women. They carry the top brands such as Giordana, Castelli, Louis … [Read more...]

Book Review: “The Race” by Dave Shields

"The Race: A Novel of Grit, Tactics, and the Tour de France“The Race: Novel of Grit, Tactics, and the Tour de France” by Dave Shields The book takes place in the middle of the Tour de France but this book is more than just a cycling story. It is about the will to overcome, the human drive to win, and the sheer joy of the bike. I can strongly recommend this book to anyone who … [Read more...]

PRODUCT REVIEW: iBike Pro Power Meter

In the world of high tech gadgets, some are just a natural fit for the cycling world. First we had the bicycle speedometer/odometer. Then came the heart rate monitor. And now we have the power meter. All have some very real benefits for the cycling pro as well as the weekend warrior (which we all probably are). But like most toys, the cost must be worth the results. The power meter is probably … [Read more...]

Review: Smith Reactor Max Sunglasses

As sunglasses go, the market is full of choices. Many are great, most are not. I have been a long time user of all the trendy sunglasses that have come to help the cyclist. Remember the Oakley Factory Pilots? Yeah, what were we thinking? Taking a pair of skiing sunglasses and trying to make them work on the face of a cyclist. All they did was create a greenhouse behind them and make you sweat … [Read more...]