Roadrunner Bags – Roll Top Backpack

I have been rolling with the medium roll top backpack for about 2 months now as my go to bag on my 14-mile round-trip commute to and from work. It would be an understatement to say that I abuse this thing, cause in fact I trash it. Why you might ask, well it is not because I don’t like, but because the bag can take it. Like all the products from Roadrunner Bags, my roll top bag is virtually … [Read more...]

SPY Optic SCREW Sunglasses

There is no shortage of sunglasses manufacturers trying to convince the cycling community that their version is the best, the lightest, the coolest, etc. And there is that one company (who we all know, but will be left un-named) whose very proficient marketing machine puts out high quality, high cost glasses which appear to dominate the market. That is until now. SPY Optic is going to change … [Read more...]


Perfect viewing position with the Bar Fly computer mount

Written by: VeloGuy There is nothing better than a clean cockpit, and your Garmin bike computer right where you need it to be. With the Bar Fly computer mount you can achieve both of the above wants with a few dollars and about 5 minutes of your time. The Bar Fly (made of delrin plastic) clamps to your handlebar right next to the stem and then has a slight bend to put your Garmin computer … [Read more...]

Product Review: Endura Photon Jacket

Rain, Rain, Go away! I want to ride today! Have you ever looked outside and thought that if it wasn't raining you would be riding. Well fear no more! The Endura Photon Rain Jacket is made of exceptional quality. It not only breathes ensuring that you don't over heat but more importantly it keeps you dry when riding in the rain. What really stood out was that on my ride in the rain, my … [Read more...]

Monkey Bars Garage Rack

Monkey Bars Garage Rack In Action

Many bikes, not enough floor space – does this situation sound like yours. Well it was mine. With anywhere from 7 to 12 bikes at a time in my workshop there is a serious shortage of floor space. Yes, you can hang them from a wall or ceiling, but usually one at a time. And even then they take up too much wall/ceiling space. So what is the solution you ask yourself? The solution is … [Read more...]

Product Review: Seasucker Bike Rack Review

Seasucker 2 Bike Rack

We know what you are saying to yourself! How can some suction cups hold a bunch of bikes firmly on the roof of my car at 85mph (not that any of us go over the posted speed limit right)? Lucky for you, is here to explain with a Seasucker bike rack review. First off the Seasucker bike racks do NOT use suction cups. They use Vacuum cups, which are a very different animal. They use a … [Read more...]

Product Review: Headsweats Skullcap and Thermal Reversible Beanie

Headsweats Skullcap Beanie

As we are now fully into the colder riding weather we are always looking for a way to keep the top of our nicely shaved domes warm. And without question the leader in head covering for cyclists has to be Headsweats. Although they have a very extensive line of beanies we decided to try the SKULLCAP BEANIE and THERMAL REVERSIBLE BEANIE. Both beanies have performed exactly as you would expect … [Read more...]

The Art Of Carbon Fiber Repair

Carbon Fiber repair Carbon Fiber frame repair by Predator Cycling

It happened. Your beloved carbon fiber frame has a crack. Perhaps you crashed, or some disgruntled airline baggage handler got a hold of your machine and decided to see how far he could throw it. Or maybe you were playing Tommy Torque-Wrench and the seat-collar or front derailleur clamp were accidentally overtightened? What now? New frame? How are you going to explain that one to your … [Read more...]

Product Review – TikTok & LunaTik

Wear Your iPod Nano As A Watch

The TikTok and LunaTik multi-touch watch kits by Scott Wilson and MINMAL are truly innovative and captivating. I have been using the LunaTik for the last 3 months and have gotten not only my fair share of enjoyment out of it, but a very large amount of interest in the "Hey what kind of watch is that" questions. If you have never heard of the LunaTik, then we are here to explain - It is a … [Read more...]

Product Review: Bike Vivant Clothing

Bike Vivant is one of those companies that you have never heard but should have. They are an small bicycle clothing company that is not only based in the USA, but they also make their clothing in the USA. They are not a low end, cheaply made, buy it and replace it in 6 months bicycle kit manufacture. They make top quality clothing that fits to maximize comfort. I have been wearing my Bike … [Read more...]