Ritte Goes All Battenkill On You

We just got back from the Battenkill Road Race, the Queensryche of the American Classics. There was dirt, high wind, steep, short hills and little town crossings with screaming school girls holding posters that said things like “GO BIKERS!” It was well worth the 6 hour flight from LA and the 5 hour “transfer” from Philly to experience it. We needed to test out the Bosberg in some more … [Read more...]

Ritte Racing – Behind The Peloton – Episode 4

The Ritte Cycling Team car takes care of a rider emergency. www.RitteRacing.com … [Read more...]

Behind the Peloton: Episode Two

You may or may not have seen Behind the Peloton: Episode One, but this video clip is also from the Ronde Van Volk. For a Spring Semi-Semi-Classic in Belgium, they’re apparently having very good weather. Thomas and Eric running the show from the team car. Stratton and his Bosberg So instead of hunkering down and battling against the wind and rain, Stratton and the crew have been able … [Read more...]

Damn Juniors

By: Lanolin (RitteRacing.com) Ritte Racing just wrapped up the three day San Dimas Stage Race. That is one bitch of a race… bad roads and huge fields make mechanicals and crashes common, and no matter how your form is going into it, you’re just a dice-throw from watching from a prone position as the pack races away. This was my third time to San Dimas and the first time I’ve made it to … [Read more...]

Behind the Peloton: Episode One – Ritte Racing

By: Lanolin (Ritte Racing) We’re pretty low budget over here and the cost of running a pro team is a little beyond our reach. Paying 25 rider’s salaries, the team cars, trucks, hotels and travel, not to mention the cost of doping products these days… anyway, you get the picture. It’s all just a little too expensive for a little company like Ritte. So instead of fielding a whole … [Read more...]


By Lanolin (RitteRacing.com) I just grudgingly renewed my subscription to a cycling video website (not gonna say which one because they’ve F’ed me in the A every year for the past three years and i keep going back because there’s no good alternative). Now I can watch hours and hours of the Classics live. Highlights or the last 10k on YouTube just doesn’t cut it for me; I want to watch … [Read more...]

Where Is Your Bike Made?

Written by: Lanolin (Ritte Racing) Snobs. Back when aluminum and carbon fiber started arriving in bike shops there was a distinct “steel is real” backlash. People described aluminum as “harsh” and “dead” and carbon as just plain “dead.” Frankly, they were right. Cruising around on a well-made steel bike feels wonderful. But when it came to racing the things up 10 mile long, 6% … [Read more...]

A Ride Worse

Written by: Aaron Baker This story was passed along to me by Ritte’s resident semi-famous notorious badass, Steve. It was written by his friend Aaron Baker, who lives and rides in Santa Barbara. Aaron receives this weekends Badass Award for ignoring all signs of danger and pedaling forward with no regard for his own life and limb. “Well, I’m always one for a little adventure, and I … [Read more...]

Ritte’s Very Own Spencer Canon Weighs In On Landis

We the news of the arrest warrant for Floyd Landis news station KTLA 5 (Los Angeles) knew were to come to get the most respected opinion on the subject. That is right, they came to Ritte Van Vlaaderen founder Spencer Canon. Not only was he captivating in his interview, but probably as handsome a cyclist as they come.   … [Read more...]

Embrocate With Caution

Written by: Taylor (Ritte Racing) It may be Southern California from where I sit, but February still brings the shit weather. Traditionally the first race of our calendar is called Boulevard, which we’ll be taking part in again today. It will be raining, and it takes place between 4,000 and 5,000 feet in elevation, so it’ll be just above freezing. We do 3-4 laps on a 22 mile course, riding … [Read more...]