From the Old Country: Super Mario Returns to Action at TOC, Impresses All

Mario Cipollini made his return to the pro peloton last week in the Tour of California. Riding for the controversial Rock Racing team, “Super Mario” arrived in California the day before the race was to begin. He brought his own bike with him as well, instead of the De Rosa bikes the Rock team were outfitted with. Many people wondered ahead of the opening prologue just what kind of form … [Read more...]

Sausalito: Place to Be for 2008 Amgen Tour of California

Clark Family at Stage 1 ATOC

For the third year in a row, Sausalito hosted the stage one start of the Tour of California. Also for the third year, the crowds were enormous in the quaint seaside town. As the team busses pulled into the staging area ahead of the race a few hours before start time, crowds were already on hand to seek autographs from their favorite riders. Many, like the Repulles family of Oakland, were watching … [Read more...]

Huge Crowds, Electric Atmosphere Highlight Day One of the TOC

Amgen Tour of California - Crowds

Young and old, big and small, from close by and far away, droves of cycling enthusiasts descended on Palo Alto Sunday to view the best cyclists in the world for the Tour of California prologue. A user-friendly experience, the prologue time trial course for the Tour was great for those looking to take in the sights and sounds of one of the best cycling fields ever assembled in America. Unlike … [Read more...]

2008 Tour of California: Better than Ever

Amgen Tour of California Stage 7 2007

As the 2008 Tour of California prepares to commence in Palo Alto on Sunday, an unprecedented field of talent will line up to contest the eight stage race. As in previous years, the field will be choc-full of talent, more so even than in the previous two editions of the race. In looking at the 16 teams registered for the event, each one has at least one rider in their ranks that could make a splash … [Read more...]

Bikes Outsell Cars Again! (hint: not where we live)

New figures showed bikes outsold cars in 2007 for the eighth consecutive year. In Australia. The nation that’s larger than our own sold a record 1.5 million bicycles in 2007, compared to 1.0 million cars. With bikes being about 58% of the total, and cars about 42%, the Aussie government accordingly spent a whopping 1% of its infrastructure expenditures on projects dedicated to … [Read more...]

Drymer V0.5 Electric bike produces 255 watts

Drymer has produced a working three wheeled electric bike prototype, and the way electric bikes go, theirs looks pretty snazzy. The three wheeler, named the v0.5, boasts a motor capable of producing 250 watts, which will reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. If your face tends to melt at such speeds, purchase with caution. The wheels at the front ensure a smooth ride, as they lean to support the … [Read more...]

The one-of-a-kind wooden bicycle

wooden bike

When most people think of bicycle frames, they have in mind materials running the gamut of aluminum, chrome-moly steel and carbon fiber. Not so a timber technology student in Germany. For his two-wheeled creation, he turned to the beech tree. More specifically, Jens Eichler got himself some sheets of beech plywood, along with a strong glue (phenol-resorcinol) and some power tools. After a few … [Read more...]

Engineering Tomorrow’s Human Powered Vehicle

Jason Lewis 2007 CSUN HPV Team Who wouldn’t like to go faster, and ride in greater comfort? How would you like to be able to run errands, maybe pick up some groceries, and not have to carry them in a backpack? The need for speed, comfort, and utility drives the development of new technology in transportation. Many obstacles hamper the traditional bike: the rider position and lack of … [Read more...]

Levi kicks it in stage 5

Solvang, CA. Veloguy spent the day hanging on at the time trials at the Amgen Tour of California. Beautiful day, weather was perfect, light wind for the early riders, wind got stronger, making it more difficult for the lead riders to go off at the end. Without a question, this stage was a critical linchpin for Levi. To hold his yellow jersey, he had to really kick it today. Jens … [Read more...]

Cycling Rights, And Howe! [Video]

NBC4 Road Wars - Cycling Rights Los Angeles

We featured an article about Monica Howe early last month, Street Safety for Roadies, when she was featured in the Los Angeles Times. I'll repeat what I said then: We should all strive to make our cities more bike friendly. Lets get busy, raise our voices, and be heard. We have a right to roads too. Well, local NBC TV affiliate NBC4 has a new video worthy of your attention: Click the … [Read more...]