Saddle Height – Low or High Is The Question

We will be running a series of articles addressing the issues that are involved in getting a proper bike fit. to do this we recruited Aram Goganian of Predator Cycles in Santa Monica, CA. He is known in these parts to be the bike fitter of the cycling elite. Written by: Aram Goganian Bike Fitter at Predator SADDLE HEIGHT There are three parts to a proper bicycle fit; > the … [Read more...]

Is the Exercise Cool-Down Really Necessary?

By GINA KOLATA @ NY TIMES Published: October 13, 2009 MY husband and I were riding our bikes not long ago, and when we were about a mile from home, we did our usual thing. We call it the sprint to the finish: ride as hard and as fast as we can until we reach our driveway, racing to see who could get there first. We pulled up, slammed on our brakes and hopped off our bikes. A neighbor was … [Read more...]

The Power Of The Mind And Cycling Success

Endings often turn out to be beginnings. For instance, waking up in the hospital after stage two of the 2004 Redlands Classic with no memory of how I got there seemed to be the end of my racing career. In fact, it ended up being the beginning of my journey into the world of sports psychology. I began by developing an understanding of how our thoughts and intentions can have very real effects on … [Read more...]

Alternative Route Back A Winner For Roulston

by Ryland James MARTIGNY, Switzerland, July 21, 2009 (AFP) - A chance meeting in a pub with an alternative healer is the last place you would expect a Tour de France rider to pin-point as the moment he got his career back. Having been diagnosed in 2006 with a rare and incurable heart disease known to cause sudden death in athletes - Hayden Roulston's cycling career was over at … [Read more...]

ASEA Drug Testing Certifications

drugtestingcerts … [Read more...]

The 7 Day Mental Detox

Written by: Josh Horowitz The one week, best ride of your life, last minute training program. It’s one week till the first race of the season (at least it is here in sunny Southern California) and your training has been good, but not great. You’ve missed some important workouts and you haven’t quite lost all that holiday weight. You’re wondering, what kind of workouts can I do … [Read more...]

Mind Of A Champ

Written by: Josh Horowitz At the 2006 Interbike trade show, Levi Leipheimer and I got together to discuss sports psychology and his mental approach to racing. I gave him a copy of my product, The Ultimate Cyclist CD and he quickly incorporated it into his training program. Since that auspicious meeting he has won the Tour of California twice, won the U.S. Pro Road Championship, stood on the … [Read more...]

Cycling Performance – Power, Torque, Strength, and Speed

Written by: Josh Horowitz Once in a while, especially this time of year as I get excited about the upcoming racing season (even after almost 20 years of this!), I feel compelled to dispense some coaching advice, so here goes. I had this discussion with a fellow coach the other day that may apply to some of our racers who have been training hard all winter putting in the base miles and are now … [Read more...]

Armstrong Has Fears And Doubts, But Looks To Future

by Justin Davis ADELAIDE, Australia, Jan 21, 2009 (AFP) - Lance Armstrong said Wednesday he doubted if his results from independent anti-doping tests would be given a fair hearing. However, the American said he would push ahead and publish data through independent anti-doping expert Don Catlin that proves he is racing clean. Armstrong is making his return to cycling here … [Read more...]

Manufacturer of CERA Helped WADA Develope CERA Drug Test

The manufacturer of the third generation EPO, CERA, is helping the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) test for the illegal use of the drug by athletes. Roche Holding AG said that it has collaborated with WADA since 2004. "We were very pleased that this collaboration with WADA has been productive," Roche spokeswoman Claudia Schmitt told the Associated Press. So far, three Tour de France stage … [Read more...]