What’s In Santa’s Bag For Your Favorite Cyclist?

Sports Fiction: Almost As Strange As Reality

Sure to grace bathrooms, kibos, and porta-potties everywhere Hardcover, soft cover, or e-book, starting at $4.95.  Get yours now at Authorhouse (best prices here!) or  Amazon Between The Sheets You'll Get: Great cycling fiction - nearly as strange as reality! - officially for sale just in time for Christmas.  Cheap:  Hardcover, soft cover, or e-book, starting at $4.95.  Did we … [Read more...]

Pimp My Riders! The Lance Armstrong Legacy?

George Vecsey wrote a great article in the NY Times this week. I wrote him that I liked it a lot, and in laying out the reasons why it resonated with me (largely copied below), found myself coming to the conclusion that Lance would have done himself a huge favor by sticking with his decision to retire at the end of 2005. If he had remained retired, it’s possible Floyd Landis would still be … [Read more...]