Bicycle Sales Growing Despite Global Economic Crisis

THE HAGUE, Nov 19, 2008 (AFP) - At least one company is benefiting from the global economic crisis: Netherlands-based bicycle maker Accell said on Wednesday it expected higher than expected 2008 profits owing to rising sales. "Cycling remains popular in economically adverse times," Accell Group chief executive Rene Takens said in a statement. The group, which claims to be the market … [Read more...]

Senate Bailout Bill… to Benefit Bikers for $20/mo?

Kitchen-sink legislation watch. $700B to bail out Wall Street needs more bailout ballast to gain liftoff. Bailout Bill Addresses Bikers WASHINGTON, DC (BRAIN)—Employers of people who bicycle to work stand to gain a $20 per month tax credit per cycling employee, according to the Senate’s version of the Wall Street bailout bill, H.R. 1424. The bill passed yesterday by a vote of 74 for … [Read more...]

High Gasoline Prices Help Bicycles Gain Ground In The Netherlands and World

by Alix Rijckaert THE HAGUE, Sept 7, 2008 (AFP) - The Dutch rely ever more on the humble bike for transport as pollution concerns and high petrol prices give new impetus to traditional pedal power in the only country with more bicycles than people. The average Dutchman cycled 902 kilometres in 2006, up 16 kilometres from 15 years ago, according to official statistics. Annual … [Read more...]

On Campus: UW Police Have Ploy To Catch Bike Thieves

By Deborah Ziff Wisconsin State Journal Attention, bike thieves. In a new program on the UW-Madison campus, university police are planting Global Positioning System satellite units on bikes to catch thieves in action. This summer, police have arrested 16 people through the program. Here's how it works: Officers conceal a small GPS unit on a bike, strategically planted somewhere on … [Read more...]

Bicycle Turn Signal Jacket

Boing Boing Gadgets reports: When it comes to bicycle safety, visibility is key. If you want to be safe, you should be lit up like a Christmas tree, with a fluorescent, mile high afro like Sushi K. So I'm a tad skeptical of this DIY Turn Signal Biking Jacket. It's a nice idea in theory, but surely you can accomplish the same thing by just sticking your arm out in the direction you're turning. … [Read more...]

Sign of the Times: Bicycle Drive-By Shooting

We here at have long been advocates of commuting by bike and anything to reduce pollution and to save on now-exorbitant gasoline costs. Not sure what to make of this bit of news from Milwaukee, today... Is it progress? Milwaukee Police Investigate Bike-By Shooting By Jon Byman Milwaukee Police are investigating a case in which a suspect claims he was shot while sitting on his … [Read more...]

Commute By Bike Because Fat, Stupidly Oil-Dependent and Un-Green Is No Way To Go Through Life, Son

Written by: Jeff Stevenson Right now people in the industrialized world are facing two very grave problems: obesity and a growing scarcity of oil. Compounding this problem is the new food shortage brought about, in part, by the conversion of food cropland to bio-fuel crop production. Most people feel powerless to help, but there is one thing that we can do: Ride our bicycles to work and on … [Read more...]