Best Cycling Prank Ever

This has to be one of the best cycling prank video's ever. A must watch. … [Read more...]

The 10 Thousand Dollar Chair

Written by: Uncle Chad Man, there is nothing like seeing someone with a Rolex that doesn’t keep time, a Ferrari that’s in the shop, ROGANI BRUNO and FRANCO’s with poop on the bottom of their soles, or a ten thousand dollar racing bike being used as a desk chair. Pure, personal enjoyment, I tell ya. Last week a rider said he just swapped out his standard skewers on his 9860.00 bike with … [Read more...]

Got Meds?

Humm, we think this piece speaks for itself. … [Read more...]

The World Center Of Cycling Is?

It’s not the Champs Elysee on the last Sunday in July. It’s not the last ‘k’ of the Poggio on the run in to San Remo or even the coffee pot at Mellow Johnnies on a Friday night. The center of world cycling is not the velodrome at the UCI HQ in Switzerland, the Eddy Merckx trophy wall, Coppi’s headstone or even my friend’s toilet with every pee splash cycling magazine published in the … [Read more...]

Diary of a Cat 5er, Part II — Winter In The Dungeon

It's been a long, cold winter here in middle America, our windy days coming with a particular "bite" that makes cycling outdoors a sport for the bold or the sick-of-mind, but not for you or me.  We own the basements and gyms and YMCAs that provide the chance for a good comfortable workout, provided one can stand the monotony of a never-changing landscape. For those who live meaningfully south … [Read more...]

Upgrade This! Coming Soon To A Store Near You

By Uncle Chad Upgrade. n. (noun). To pay extra for something that you should have gotten with your original purchase. syn. sucker, chump, fred. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. That’s all I hear lately. I write this to you, (with a sweat ball dripping off my nose), as I wish to warn you what may come to your local bike shop. The issue is the marketing term “upgrade”. Like the suckers in … [Read more...]