Cycling “logic”… The Ultimate List by System Six

When we say "clipless" shoes, we of course mean ones that have clips The derailleur keeps the chain from derailing Not only can you get dropped from a no-drop ride, but when you do the pack will wait up ahead so you can get dropped over and over again Hills are like the weather, everybody complains, but nobody does anything about it The laziest person in the pack is often the best … [Read more...]

Hey Dude, Where Is My Discount?

Written by: Bike Shop Bobby Hey there, been a while hasn’t it? I’m still alive and kickin’ it down at the shop. Even though the economy’s in the toilet it seems every dirtbag and their brother still has room in their budget for a new fixed gear which adds nothing but joy in to my life. Recently though we had a guy come into the shop who at first glance was the perfect douchebag to … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolution To Nowhere

New Year's Resolution to go Nowhere. Hello there. My name's Bobby. I work at a bike shop. Actually, I've worked in a few bike shops over the years. I didn't really set out to. It was just something that sorta happened on its own during college. I was enough of a fixture at my neighborhood shop-- a human drool fountain posted up near the purple anodized stuff-- that one day when the manager … [Read more...]