You’ve met Greg. Now meet Craig.

A while back, when I wrote about Greg Gable, my first bike shop crazy, it was always my goal to do a follow up piece on the fellow who is the thunder to Mr. Gable’s lightning. However, one of the amusing quirks about crazy people is that they’re not exactly the most predictable. Seemingly the day I wrote about Greg, my current huckleberry fell off the face of the earth. Up until that point … [Read more...]

Local Legendary Weirdo Hits the Big Time

One of the “perks” to working in a shop is getting to interact with the fine folks who ride a bike out of circumstance rather than choice. There’s really not a lot of subsets to this species of cyclist. They either fall into the “lost license due to excessive drinking” category or the much more interesting “can’t get a license due to being insane” segment. I’ve worked in … [Read more...]

By The Power Of Grey Skull – Or, Why The Power Meter Is Ruining My Life

Do you want to know the fundamental difference between the common cyclist and a bicycle mechanic? Sorry if you don't. I'm going to tell you any way. A cyclist will lay eyes on that new, must have wonder product and immediately start fantasizing about how that product is going to transform them into the cyclist they've always dreamed of being. A bike mechanic will barley need a glimpse at … [Read more...]

Nadia- the 60 Year-Old Daughter I Never Knew I Had.

Nadia- the 60 Year-Old Daughter I Never Knew I Had. Before Nadia could ride off into the sunset, she first had to walk into the shop. It was a morning like any other. AC/DC was on the radio.  We were up to our usual hijinks.  Our project was ironing out the logistics for the Red Bull Challenge, an utterly stupid test of stamina to see how many cans of Red Bull a person could drink before … [Read more...]

Spanning the Universe with Steve and Roger

Spanning the Universe with Steve and Roger. For the longest time, I've thought the spectrum of bike riding folks who shop at our store had no end or beginning.  Lately though, I'm convinced that beat Stephen Hawking in finding I both ends of the universe. Granted, it's just both ends of a puny little universe confined by four concrete walls but it's still a universe. The funny thing though … [Read more...]