Along The Road Like Bridesmaids At A Farmer’s Wedding

They came at me along the road like bridesmaids at a farmer’s wedding. Equally spaced to the horizon by winter madness. The club run exploded, their kit admitted that they were still 30km from home. I drove on in the opposite direction, the gaps became less regular and the rider’s arms straighter. Some feckin mullet showing off and destroying a club run with bravado and new wheels; … [Read more...]

Blog Post: Up, Open, Then Down

How slow I was moving was a surprise to the sheep who momentarily stopped chewing and just glared as I inched past. The stillness of the day whispered around my ears now the wind no longer rushed by. The gradient meant desperately punched pedaling, drawing harsh vertical lines instead of light circles with my cranks. It’s not that the climb was particularly steep, but the few big … [Read more...]

Pack Fodder Bicycle Blog: Cloud Chasing

It was the best of days, it was the worst of days. Sitting with most of my gear on, waiting for the second pot of coffee to empty and the rain to stop. Three times I made it to the front door, worn cleats snapping on the tiles. Three times, I returned to the kitchen defeated by the rain. With each minute that passed -a kilometre was knocked off my planned spin. When the kettle was clicked … [Read more...]

Fisch Tales Bicycle Blog – Recent Engagement = Recent Lack of Riding

Recent Engagement = Recent Lack of Riding Written by: Jonathan Fisch (Soon to be husband, and ex CAT4 racer) My past life: As I reflect on my life, I can only think of the last 7 years when I got into cycling. Only last year focusing on racing. My life has been about the miles I put on my bike, the adventures that I have had with other fellow roadies, and of course the laughs I get once I … [Read more...]

Crash Test Dummies Bicycle Blog

Orange Cone Attack

Why do I cycle? (Marathon crash race) By Bryan Arita (Crash Test Dummies Blog) Five crashes and three totaled bikes in just the first year of starting my cycling career. That is not what you would call a great way to start a sport in which you find yourself wanting to accomplish so many things. And yet after being hit by a car in February, I find myself injured once again questioning the … [Read more...]

Road Shark Blog – Butt’r Lubricant Cream

Written by: Ira Caminong (Road Shark) At the side of my bed is my bedside table. I have a habit of dumping a metric ton of random crap there. it is there that I have set my keys, glasses, cell phone, watch, wallet, opened and unopened mail, sunscreen, lotion, and lubricant cream. And yes, those last two objects can make a girl want to step back if she sees them at a guy’s bedside table. She … [Read more...]

The Cranky Mechanic – “The Look”

Century Rider Guy

By Uncle Chad I have been away from the group riding scene lately. I have not graced the weekend warriors, the Fondo lovers, the Century fanatics, the dumb MTBr’s, P-crossers and F’ng roadies. But I have at least been getting out and riding some new areas, routes and climbs. What a concept eh? Something new! But as I ride in these new areas there is one thing that is in common, … [Read more...]

Fisch Stories – Stop Crashing Idiots

What goes through your head when you see a bike crash? What goes through your head when you are in your final lap of a race and see a crash? What goes through your head when the crash is so severe that some cyclists aren't able to shake it off, and one man is down for the count, with a broken collarbone? Last weekend I was in a Cat 4/5 Race and during the final lap, more than 10 guys hit the … [Read more...]

Death Last To Top 20

FIRST RACE Race day, the day that I have been looking forward to for so long has finally arrived. I have trained, dieted, shaved my legs and even washed my kit. My Bicycle.Net kit looks sick, and bike is riding well. How do I feel, sick to my stomach, I have been sick all week with a cold that does not want to go away. It also doesn’t help that I was drinking the night before. I gather … [Read more...]

The Cranky Mechanic – How Lite Can You Go?

By Uncle Chad Ewh boy! It’s been a while. What happened is that I test road a new bike, and it was so light that I broke the earth’s gravitational pull, and just drifted off in a thermal across the horizon and couldn’t get back down! What the hell is happening here? The bikes are getting so lite it’s crazy! (Sweatball dripping off my nose!). First it was titanium, then … [Read more...]