UCI “Smokescreen” Confirms Commission Is Not Truly Independent

Change Cycling Now (CCN) is dismayed by the Union Cycliste Internationals’s (UCI’s) incomplete response to the Independent Commission’s calls for wider terms of reference and alterations to the general process of its forthcoming review. It is a response which clearly illustrates the UCI’s continued determination to manipulate the independent process and consequently endangers the … [Read more...]

Change Cycling Now Demands True Independence In Wake Of UCI Interference

Recent events relating to the forthcoming investigation of the UCI and it's anti-doping procedures, have confirmed to CCN that the preparations are suffering inappropriate influence from the UCI itself which will prohibit any possibility of a fully independent review. In a letter sent to the Review Commission yesterday, CCN has confirmed that the UCI's power of veto on all amendments to a … [Read more...]

Greg LeMond Joins Change Cycling Now For Weekend Summit

Three-time Tour de France winner, Greg LeMond has joined the new cycling group Change Cycling Now and will be in London later this week when the group meets for the first time to discuss ways to rid the sport of its doping culture and determine a path for the future prosperity of cycling. LeMond, who in 1986, became the first non-European to win the Tour de France, has been an outspoken critic … [Read more...]