Learn To Ride A Bike In One Hour – A New, Better Way To Teach Your Child To Ride

Kids learn best when they can see and feel what they're learning. ┬áDespite that, we often try to teach them with words and concepts with which they're not familiar. ┬áLike telling your child to "keep your balance" when they haven't yet learned what balance is, or how one keeps it. Nevertheless, this is how our parent's taught us, so we just keep doing it until eventually our child figures it … [Read more...]

How To Coach A Cyclist

Written by: Colin Batchelor One of the best decision I ever made about bike racing was to stop racing and start coaching. It was also one of the easiest. My thought process went like this 'Oh shit I'm not fit enough to race over THAT' followed swiftly by 'It's about time I helped someone else suffer as much as I have'. There is then some boring stuff about courses, qualifications and awards … [Read more...]