Drivers Versus Cyclists: Are We Really Enemies?

by Zachary Rynew Drivers vs. Cyclists: Are we enemies? You're at a party. Enjoying a nice beer. Kicking back with some friends. Eating caviar, escargot or whatever people dine on nowadays. Then somehow it comes up. You're a cyclist. Next thing you know, you're defending yourself from both the Inquisition and Salem Witch Trials combined! Why do you run lights? Do you drive on the wrong … [Read more...]

Tucson Cyclist Hit By Car Wants Safer Laws

By Melissa Fittro/Clipped In AZ Dressed in a hospital gown with a broken body, a bicycle demolished into 16 pieces, and the question of ever being able to ride a bike again looming in the air, Tucson firefighter Brendan Lyons woke up wanting change. Lyons, 29, and his girlfriend Lorena Evans, were riding in a bike lane earlier this month toward Sabino Canyon to train for the upcoming race, … [Read more...]

Evans Named Australian Cyclist Of The Year

SYDNEY, Nov 12, 2011 (AFP) - Tour de France winner Cadel Evans was named the Australian cyclist of the year at an awards ceremony in Sydney, the fourth time he has claimed the coveted gong. Evans, 34, made history when he became the first Australian to win the race in July and in recognition of his achievement was awarded the Sir Hubert Opperman medal at the ceremony late Friday. … [Read more...]

Joe Papp Gets 8 Year Ban For Dealing Doping Products

Joe Papp, a 36-year-old former American pro cyclist, was hit with an eight-year competition ban Friday by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) for his role in distributing banned drugs. The punishment was handed down because Papp pleaded guilty in 2010 to two felony charges in connection with the distribution of banned substances, human growth hormone and EPO (erythropoietin), over the … [Read more...]

Cyclist -vs- Antelope, Antelope Wins

[Read more...]

Researchers Scan Cyclists’ Brains At Race Speed In S.Africa

CAPE TOWN, May 23, 2011 - Researchers in South Africa said Monday they have found a way to measure the brain activity of cyclists at racing speed, breaking new ground in the study of how the brain works during exercise. The University of Cape Town study used a specially designed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner to hold athletes' heads still while they lay horizontally inside and … [Read more...]

Cyclist Gets $200,000 For Pothole Mishap

MONTREAL, May 21, 2011 (AFP) - A cyclist who was seriously injured after falling into a pothole in 2003 will receive almost a $205,000 check from the city of Montreal, La Presse newspaper reported Saturday. The young woman, Marnie Scanlan, fractured her left shoulder during the fall. Part of her left arm remains incapacitated. Scanlan, a personal trainer for the past 30-some years, had … [Read more...]

Meyer Wins Australian Cyclist Of The Year Award

ADELAIDE - Cameron Meyer was awarded the Hubert 'Oppy' Opperman medal when he was named the 2010 Australian Cyclist of the Year at a gala ceremony in Melbourne late Sunday. Meyer, 22, won the medal for the first time ahead of former winners Cadel Evans and Anna Meares. He also claimed the track rider of the year award. While Evans was the favourite to win his fourth medal in five years, … [Read more...]

The Supplements We Use

Written by: Josh Horowitz (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling) The most common questions I get as a professional bike racer surround the subject of nutrition. What do you eat on and off the bike and what kind of supplements do you take? I’ve previously addressed the question regarding diet in my article The Pistachio Diet but the supplementation question is a bit more elusive. There is a sense of … [Read more...]

Cancellara: “The Engine I Have Is In My Body”

Fabian Cancellara on Friday has again denied, on the eve of the Tour of Switzerland, the rumors that accuse him of having used a bicycle with a motor at his victories at the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, saying: "The engine I have is in my body." "I am a professional cyclist, I do my best every day. I know I won, I know how I won. The last ten years are enough to prove that I did not … [Read more...]