Chris Froome Backs African Talent

NAIROBI, Nov 19, 2013 (AFP) - Chris Froome wants to set up a foundation to help African cyclists mirror the success of the continent's runners, the Kenyan-born Tour de France winner said here on Tuesday. Froome is working with David Kinja, a Kenyan cyclist and coach who mentored the champion as a young boy, in "inspiring some youngsters, helping kids to start cycling at a young age and … [Read more...]

Cyclists’ Angry As Indian City Kolkata Bans Biking On Key Roads

by Sailendra Sil KOLKATA, Oct 02, 2013 (AFP) - Angry cyclists held noisy protests in the centre of the Indian city of Kolkata on Wednesday over the local government's move to ban them from major roads in the congested metropolis. Under strong sunshine, crowds gathered in the Esplanade area of the former colonial capital, chanting "We want cycles back!" and holding placards … [Read more...]

Hong Kong Cyclists Stuck At Government Red Light

by Joe Sinclair Hong Kong, Sept 29, 2012 (AFP) - On Hong Kong's traffic-heavy streets, horns blare as speeding red taxis, double-decker buses and public minivans shuttle people to-and-from work. But there is one thing missing -- bicycles. Cities around the world have seized on cycling as a cheap, healthy and environmentally friendly way of getting around, with New York the … [Read more...]

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Written by: Lea Crosetti When you think of fat, what do you think of? Greasy foods? Clogged arteries? Love handles? Often times, we have a negative connotation of fats and some have scrutinized over each gram consumed for years. But word is getting out about the health benefits of some fats and why you should include them at every meal, especially if you are an athlete. As athletes, we … [Read more...]

India Approves Pakistani Cyclists To Race

LAHORE, Pakistan, Sept 5, 2011 (AFP) - India has given Pakistani cyclists clearance to participate in an international race, a Pakistani cycling official said Monday, leading to hopes other sporting fixtures might be revived. India froze ties -- including sporting ones -- with Pakistan after the terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2008, which New Delhi blamed on militants based across the … [Read more...]

Aussie Cops Threaten To Book Top Cyclists

GEELONG, Australia, Sept 27, 2010 (AFP) - Police chiefs in the Australian city of Geelong have reacted angrily to the antics of some top international cyclists who are set to compete at the world road race championships. Geelong, which is 100km south of Melbourne, is hosting the five-day event from Wednesday to Sunday when the men's road race, the blue riband event, will crown a new winner … [Read more...]

Product Review: ASEA

How would you like to increase your cycling performance while at the same time improve your general health? And when we say increase your performance, we mean really big gains. To purchase ASEA: BUY/CLICK HERE Before we tell you what ASEA is lets talk about what ASEA is not. ASEA is not a pharmaceutical. It is not a drug. It is not dangerous. It is not toxic. It is not doping. It is not a … [Read more...]

British Cyclists Injured In Car Crash

LONDON, May 8, 2010 (AFP) - Five British women cyclists, being groomed for the 2012 Olympics, have been injured in a collision with a car while training in Belgium, the British Cycling Federation said on its website on Saturday. Hannah Mayho, Lucy Martin, Katie Colclough, Emma Trott and Sarah Reynolds were involved in the accident which happened between the towns of Brakel and Oudenaarde on … [Read more...]

Google Bring Maps To Cyclists

It's long been one of Google Map's most requested features, and now it's here. Recreational cyclists and bike commuters alike can plot cycle-friendly routes, find trails, and avoid snarling traffic with Google Maps' Bicycle layer. Maps' bike-friendly, green-toned map can be accessed in a few ways: by choosing "Bicycle" from the drop-down box below your destination when you're looking for … [Read more...]

LAPD Vows To Better Protect Cyclists

He calls bike riders the 'most vulnerable commuters.' Bicycle advocates have been pushing the department to do more to crack down on motorists who don't respect bikers' right to the road. By Ari B. Bloomekatz (LA Times) LAPD Chief Charlie Beck is vowing to make his department more responsive to the rights of cyclists, responding to growing complaints from bikers who say the city isn't … [Read more...]