The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Written by: Lea Crosetti When you think of fat, what do you think of? Greasy foods? Clogged arteries? Love handles? Often times, we have a negative connotation of fats and some have scrutinized over each gram consumed for years. But word is getting out about the health benefits of some fats and why you should include them at every meal, especially if you are an athlete. As athletes, we … [Read more...]

The Pistachio Diet – Part II

Written by: Josh Horowitz Due to popular demand stemming from last month’s Pistachio Diet article, I have decided to write a follow up piece with specific dietary recommendations for cyclists looking to get the most out of the food they eat. Clarifications The thing that seems to cause the most confusion for athletes, dieters and the general public is the common use and mis-use of the … [Read more...]

The Pistachio Diet

Written by: Josh Horowitz (Liquid Cycling) Pistachios are only one part of this diet but I chose the name because pistachios have in them all of the major components of the foods that I will be recommending. Pistachios have one of the highest dietary FIBER counts of any nut. Pistachios are stacked with PROTEIN, specifically the amino acid arganine, a pre-curser to nitric oxide, a vasodilator … [Read more...]