Contador, Armstrong, Drugs, Sound Familiar?

Irony. In literally the same week, some eons into separate investigations and unending legal proceedings, THE TRUTH has finally been handed down. The Supreme Court of the World, in case you hadn’t heard, found Alberto Contador drop-dead guilty of the unconscionable crime against humanity called putting All Spice on a slab of Prime Spanish Rib Eye.  That travesty finally seems, once and … [Read more...]

French Police Seize Quick Step Bus

LA ROCHE-SUR-YON, France, July 1, 2011 (AFP) - French police have seized a bus belonging to leading Tour de France team Quick Step and taken it away to be searched for drugs, a police spokesman reported on Friday. The Quick Step vehicle will be subjected to "a detailed control", the official added on the eve of Saturday's first stage of the 2011 Tour. The bus was stopped at Challans in … [Read more...]

Hincapie Joins Growing List of Riders Stating Armstrong Doped

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2011 - George Hincapie has added his name to the list of ex-Lance Armstrong teammates who say they saw the embattled American cycling hero use performance-enhancing drugs, CBS News reported Friday. The American news program "60 Minutes" reported that Armstrong's former US Postal teammate Hincapie told US federal investigators that he witnessed the seven-time Tour de … [Read more...]

Spanish Police Make Arrests In Doping Probe

MADRID, Feb 18, 2011 - Police in Spain's Catalonia region have dismantled a network that trafficked in performance-enhancing drugs, arresting seven amateur sportsmen, they said Friday. Among the substances seized was clenbuterol, the drug for which three-time Tour de France champion Alberto Contador tested positive last year before being cleared of any wrongdoing by Spain's cycling … [Read more...]

Doping On The Internet

Written by: Bike Pure The picture below depicts the front line in combating doping in sport. It is not a new compound of blood booster, but a visual depiction of the Internet. For the last ten years, if anyone wants to purchase performance enhancing drugs (PED), they can. Online pharmacies offer medications without a prescription or a doctor review. The safety net of trained doctor, … [Read more...]

French Anti-Doping Outlaws Called Back To The Fold

PARIS, Nov 2, 2010 (AFP) - France's national anti-doping agency (AFLD) said it is once again ready to help play a role beating the drugs cheats on the Tour de France after independent observers called for an end to its spat with world cycling chiefs. The AFLD was officially sidelined from working at any International Cycling Union-affiliated races in France this year after accusing the UCI in … [Read more...]

Riccardo Ricco has Unidentified Pills Seized During Search

Unidentified pills were seized during a police operation at the home of the Italian cyclist Riccardo Ricco, said Friday the Gazzetta dello Sport. On the 21st of September, five people were arrested in a doping investigation, including Enrico Rossi, of the professional cycling team Ceramica Flaminia and Vania Rossi, ex-fiancee of Riccardo Ricco. The police had searched houses including … [Read more...]