Armstrong’s Classic Doping Cocktail

PARIS, Jan 19, 2013 (AFP) - Lance Armstrong's monosyllabic admissions that he used a classic cocktail of doping products to win his seven Tour de France crowns came as little surprise to anti-doping experts. In his television interviews with chat show host Oprah Winfrey, the Texan admitted using blood-booster erythropoetin (EPO), blood-doping transfusions, testosterone and human growth … [Read more...]

Sinkewitz ‘B’ Sample Tests Positive For HGH

BERLIN, April 8, 2011 - The 'B' sample of blood collected during a race in February from banned German cyclist Patrik Sinkewitz has tested positive for the growth hormone. Sinkewitz said on his own website that he was innocent and "ready to prove it". Growth hormone showed up in tests of a blood sample taken from Sinkewitz at the GP di Lugano on February 27, leading to a provisional ban … [Read more...]

Sinkewitz Gets The Sink Thrown At Him By The UCI

GENEVA, March 18, 2011 - World cycling governing body UCI on Friday banned German cyclist Patrik Sinkewitz after finding doping traces in a blood sample collected during a race in February. "Earlier today, the UCI advised German rider Patrik Sinkewitz that he is provisionally suspended," said the International Cycling Union (UCI) in a statement. "The provisional suspension … [Read more...]

Landis Claims May Be Armstrong’s Biggest Test Yet

by Justin Davis PARIS, May 25, 2010 (AFP) - To many, disgraced Tour de France champion Floyd Landis dipped to a new low last week when, after years of lying, he admitted to systematic doping. Claiming a need to clear his conscience Landis went a significant stage further, however, by alleging that seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and other former teammates had … [Read more...]

The New Human Growth Hormone Test

Written by: There has been much publicity recently regarding the new test for the banned Human Growth Hormone. It has long been the case that some riders have abused this substance, yet there was never a sufficient, reliable blood test to determine if a rider had been using it, until now that is. After many months of research and development, a test was finally put into place and … [Read more...]