Cycling “logic”… The Ultimate List by System Six

When we say "clipless" shoes, we of course mean ones that have clips The derailleur keeps the chain from derailing Not only can you get dropped from a no-drop ride, but when you do the pack will wait up ahead so you can get dropped over and over again Hills are like the weather, everybody complains, but nobody does anything about it The laziest person in the pack is often the best … [Read more...]

Product Review: Bike Vivant Clothing

Bike Vivant is one of those companies that you have never heard but should have. They are an small bicycle clothing company that is not only based in the USA, but they also make their clothing in the USA. They are not a low end, cheaply made, buy it and replace it in 6 months bicycle kit manufacture. They make top quality clothing that fits to maximize comfort. I have been wearing my Bike … [Read more...]

CRANKED Radio: USAC’s Jamie Staff

Interview with newly appointed USA Cycling sprint coach and Oakley rider, Jamie Staff on his new position and plans for the future. … [Read more...]

Cervélo TestTeam With Special Tour de France Kit

11-Jun-2010 - Luzern: Cervélo TestTeam, together with its clothing partner Castelli, will present a limited edition of the team kit for the Tour de France 2010. The new jersey and shorts retain the distinctive “é” logo but reverse the white and black in some areas and add light gray. “The styling is sensational,” said Joop Alberda, Cervélo TestTeam General Manager. “The riders … [Read more...]

“Cranked” with Kit Karzen – Roller Racing

Cynergy Cycles held roller racing during the 2010 Amgen Tour of California, and we caught the action! … [Read more...]

“Cranked” with Kit Karzen

This is the Life Hey guys, welcome to my blog here at the one and only! You'll find a good amount of my banter here as I make my way through my first season as a U23 rider on Team NOW-MS Society. I'm also very fortunate to be able to communicate some of my experiences to younger riders and hopefully guide them to a smoother road to their goals. Now to some blogging. As … [Read more...]