Bike Motors Have Been Used To Cheat In Cycling Since 1998

ENGINEER WHO DESIGNED SECRET BIKE MOTORS THINKS THEY HAVE BEEN USED TO CHEAT IN PRO CYCLING SINCE 1998 Three-Time Tour de France Winner Greg LeMond Says He Can’t Trust Cycling Victories The Hungarian designer of a secret bike motor tells Bill Whitaker he thinks the motors have been used to cheat in pro cycling as far back as 1998. Istvan Varjas speaks to Whitaker for a 60 MINUTES … [Read more...]

Landis and Lemond – BFF

Hey Floyd Landis, good news! Now that you and Greg Lemond are BFF (best friends forever) you get to go on his “Armstrong Stalking Tour”. Just think of all those media types that will allow you to open your pie hole and spew just about anything you can think of about that dude Lance for their cameras, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers. Plus! Since Lance travels so much you will be able … [Read more...]

Greg LeMond Seen At Interbike – Photo

The Urban Dictionary defines attention whore: Label given to any person who craves attention to such an extent that they will do anything to receive it. The type of attention (negative or positive) does not matter. Velociraptor now says "Talk amongst yourselves..." … [Read more...]