Top U.S. Cities Join the Ranks of Bicycle Friendly Communities

Los Angeles, Miami and Nashville gain national designation for bicycling progress Washington, D.C. - October 18, 2012 - Three of the nation's largest cities joined the ranks of Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC) today. Showcasing the progress and potential of major U.S. cities to make bicycling safe and accessible for millions of Americans, Los Angeles (Calif.), Nashville (Tenn.), and … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Gran Fondo Reporter Dr. Al at the 2011 Beverly Hills Gran Fondo

An Italian cycling tradition is exported to the land of…… Gucci and Prada? And along the way it will find ……pizza, pasta, espresso and vino? Ok, so lots of Italian traditions have taken root here in America, especially in Beverly Hills. But on this sparkling Southern California morning, with Italian operas serenading the 1300 riders lining up to start the first annual Gran Fondo Los … [Read more...]

Los Angeles River Ride – Why It Matters

The LA River Ride Crew

When I was telling my cycling buddies that was going to be riding and reporting about the Los Angeles River Ride I kept getting the same question over and over again. Q: Isn’t the LA River Ride just another century ride? A: No way! The LA River Ride is so much more than just another century ride. The Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition (LABC) organizes the LA River Ride, and they … [Read more...]

Gran Fondo Colnago Los Angeles: Cycling, Cinema, Glamour

Breathtaking start from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for the first edition. Over 1300 participants, greeted by Ernesto Colnago, Italian institutions and actor Andy Garcia. Los Angeles (Ca, USA) June 27, 2011 – Beautiful Californian sun, a glamorous backdrop for the start line and stunning courses: the first edition of Gran Fondo Colnago Los Angeles could not have ask for more! Lined up in … [Read more...]

Get Off The Road

All I heard was "get off the road, you stupid, road hogging, gay, retard", as another fat SUV driving slob came within a few inches of my left shoulder as he pinned me between his right side mirror and the parked cars. And even less surprising was the fact it was the third time within 35 minutes of riding. You gotta love riding in Los Angeles, or do you. I love cycling. I HATE RIDING IN LOS … [Read more...]

USPS Spent Over $31 Million on Armstrong Team

LOS ANGELES - Newly released records show the US Postal Service spent 31.9 million dollars sponsoring Lance Armstrong's cycling team during the height of the American's Tour de France dominance. Financial records obtained by sports website ESPN through a Freedom of Information request showed the previously undisclosed amount of Postal Service spending from 2001 to 2004. Armstrong won … [Read more...]

Downtown Bicycle-Theft Ring Busted by Undercover Cops via CraigsList

As downtown continues to grow as a dense residential neighborhood, so has bicycle usage, which in turn has had a downside: increased bicycle theft. 2009 saw a 63% increase in thefts in the neighborhood and 2010 was looking no different. But police this past weekend may have helped put a stop to that increasing neighborhood crime trend after arresting men involved in a theft ring. On Friday, … [Read more...]

Lance Armstrong Rides In Los Angeles

A very good video put together by a Lance fan that was at the Los Angeles Griffith Park ride. Thanks Lance for the fun. … [Read more...]

Hey Los Angeles, Come Out And Ride With Lance

So 48 hours before the actual ride the rumors where making their rounds that Lance Armstrong was in town and he was going to invite Los Angeles to come out and join him on a ride. Just 24 hours later the “Super Tweeting” Armstrong sent out the following Tweet, “Hey LA - get out of your cars and get on your bikes. Time to ride. 7:30 tomorrow am. Griffith Park, LA Zoo parking lot. See you … [Read more...]

Los Angeles City’s Bicycle Plan is ‘Flawed,’ Cyclists tell Transit Panel

By Danielle Directo, Special to LAist At the Transportation Committee yesterday, the city presented its Bicycle Plan proposal, which maps potential fixes to L.A.’s streets to make riding easier and safer for cyclists. The verdict? “Flawed,” pretty embarrassing” and an “egregious waste of money” were among some of the comments from bike and community advocates, Sierra Club members … [Read more...]