Transition Seamlessly With OGIO’s New X-TRAIN 2 Athletic Pack

Salt Lake City, UT – (March 30, 2015) – For an active professional, showing up prepared and organized is half the battle when fitting in a workout within a demanding work schedule. Whatever your training regimen; OGIO’s new X-TRAIN 2 is intelligently organized to move from workout to workday with ease. Crafted from high-tensile strength materials, OGIO injected the X-TRAIN 2 with a shot of … [Read more...]

Sprinting For 19th Is A Hard Habit To Break

Pack Fodder In Full Sprint For 19th Place

So I am not known for my Cavendish like finishing sprint, in fact I am not known for much more than a pack finish. But this season I have changed all that. I know what you are thinking. It goes something like this – What The Hell!!!!! How can Mr. Pack Fodder be anything else? It all happened when a Mr. Chris Lotts (of CBR glory) decided to create the Master 40+ 4/5 race category. Not only … [Read more...]

Product Review: KEEN Newport Pack – A True “Do It All” Backpack

KEEN NEWPORT PACK The “KEEN Newport Pack” is one ingenious, do everything, backpack. It is easily at home as a commuter bag, as it is a trail backpack. With some very original features that are hard to find in a pack at any cost. With a padded laptop compartment and a hydration bladder pocket, padded shoulders, and zippered pockets both inside and out, and a price of $100.00 (msrp), the … [Read more...]