Froome’s Team Sky Releases “Billion Points Of Data” Power Reports

By Barnaby CHESTERMAN Sisteron, France, July 21, 2015 (AFP) - Chris Froome's Sky team said on Tuesday they have shared a "billion points of data" with the UK Anti-Doping Agency in a bid to quash speculation their team leader is cheating. Sky held a press conference during the second and final Tour de France rest day in Sisteron, near Gap in the … [Read more...]

Strength, Leg Speed and Power

Written by: Josh Horowitz ( Strength, Leg Speed and Power. What are they and how do they interact? How do we train them, why and when? When I start with a new client, they often inform me that their legs are weak and they need to work on strength. They’ve come to this conclusion based on the fact that their muscles are often the first thing to give out during a hard … [Read more...]

The Concept of Power Part IV

Written by: Josh Horowitz (Liquid Cycling) In this fourth and final installment of “The Concept of Power” series, we will apply all the elements discussed so far towards using an actual power meter to improve your riding. By now, you are equipped with the appreciation and the understanding of why power based training can encourage smart, efficient cycling. Whether or not you currently … [Read more...]

The Concept of Power – Part III

Written by: Josh Horowitz (Liquid Cycling) Here’s something the power meter industry doesn’t want you to know. You can measure power output without a power meter. Ok, it’s not really a big secret, but this segment of the training series brings us back around to my original notion of “Training with the concept of power”. To me, power, more than it is a number or a graph or a … [Read more...]

The Concept of Power

Written by: Josh Horowitz ( Part I Have you heard the saying in cycling that any training program, even a bad one is better than no program at all? Sounds crazy, but it’s true to some extent. There is no better recipe for at worst over training and at best hitting a long flat plateau than going out every day without a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish and … [Read more...]