A Fat Guy’s Rules for Cyclocross

As someone who barely squeaked into the Top 40 in the overall standings of the SoCal Cross Prestige Series Single Speed B category, I am now staring down the barrel of a long and lonely offseason. Sure, I could use this time to devise and enact a training program to propel myself into the stratospheric heights of Category A mediocrity but considering I’m now a more decorated cyclist than Johan … [Read more...]

Low Roof – Beware of Bikes On Roofs

Brain Fade Spectacular So I picked up my bike from Helen's today powertap supposedly fixed. I get a friendly call from Paul on the way home and we decide to go to dinner. I pick him up and this point all is good... You may ask about road rash and yes Paul still has some from a PCH spill. Everything was fine until we headed to the fox hills mall and the parking garage. The Audi still loaded … [Read more...]

By The Power Of Grey Skull – Or, Why The Power Meter Is Ruining My Life

Do you want to know the fundamental difference between the common cyclist and a bicycle mechanic? Sorry if you don't. I'm going to tell you any way. A cyclist will lay eyes on that new, must have wonder product and immediately start fantasizing about how that product is going to transform them into the cyclist they've always dreamed of being. A bike mechanic will barley need a glimpse at … [Read more...]