Product Review: MyID Personal Identification Bracelet

"Bang! Squeak! Honk!", these are the last sounds you heard. Now you are waking up in a bright hospital room, hearing the voice of some young nurse yelling, "Doctor, doctor he's awake!". Your head is spinning, you feel some weird pain in your chest. A man you’ve never seen before steps in the room to relieve the nurse and asks, "Sir, what's your name?"Such a simple question, yet you have no … [Read more...]

Product Review: Timbuk2 Especial Tres

"Wow! Awesome bag!" and "I want that!" are the two most common phrases I hear when I commute to school with my Timbuk2 Especial Tres black bag. Not only does it store everything that I need (a subject I will get into in a bit) but it is weightless on my back as I ride to and from school, a 14 mile commute. As a graduate student in a five year program I wanted something that was going to last, … [Read more...]

Product Review: Cannondale CAAD 10 Rival

There is no question that today’s bicycle manufactures are putting out a never-ending supply of carbon frames that all claim to be lighter, faster, and more comfortable than any bike frame that came before it. But leave it to Cannondale to up the game with their new CAAD 10 aluminum frameset. And in the sea of carbon, this bike stands out for what it is not. It is not an all out race bike, … [Read more...]


Perfect viewing position with the Bar Fly computer mount

Written by: VeloGuy There is nothing better than a clean cockpit, and your Garmin bike computer right where you need it to be. With the Bar Fly computer mount you can achieve both of the above wants with a few dollars and about 5 minutes of your time. The Bar Fly (made of delrin plastic) clamps to your handlebar right next to the stem and then has a slight bend to put your Garmin computer … [Read more...]

Product Review: Endura Photon Jacket

Rain, Rain, Go away! I want to ride today! Have you ever looked outside and thought that if it wasn't raining you would be riding. Well fear no more! The Endura Photon Rain Jacket is made of exceptional quality. It not only breathes ensuring that you don't over heat but more importantly it keeps you dry when riding in the rain. What really stood out was that on my ride in the rain, my … [Read more...]

Monkey Bars Garage Rack

Monkey Bars Garage Rack In Action

Many bikes, not enough floor space – does this situation sound like yours. Well it was mine. With anywhere from 7 to 12 bikes at a time in my workshop there is a serious shortage of floor space. Yes, you can hang them from a wall or ceiling, but usually one at a time. And even then they take up too much wall/ceiling space. So what is the solution you ask yourself? The solution is … [Read more...]

Product Review: Seasucker Bike Rack Review

Seasucker 2 Bike Rack

We know what you are saying to yourself! How can some suction cups hold a bunch of bikes firmly on the roof of my car at 85mph (not that any of us go over the posted speed limit right)? Lucky for you, is here to explain with a Seasucker bike rack review. First off the Seasucker bike racks do NOT use suction cups. They use Vacuum cups, which are a very different animal. They use a … [Read more...]

Can One Bike Do it All?

Written by: VeloGuy ( LIEBO Bicycles Inc. – The Kitchunsync That was the question presented to me when I test road the KITCHUNSYNC, from LIEBO Bicycles, Inc. I have seen many bikes that are multifunction, meaning that they can be used for more than one discipline. But they were handicapped with either 26 inch wheels, too long of a wheelbase, chain stays too relaxed … [Read more...]

Product Review – Infinit Custom Blended Nutrition Solutions

Written by: VeloGuy We all have probably tried just about every hydration product known to man. Some we liked, and some that made us sick as a dog. I am no exception. I have a very sensitive tummy and find it difficult to tolerate almost every hydration drink out there. I have had my go to drink mix for the last few years and was truly angry when they sold out to another company to … [Read more...]

Product Review – Craft Zero Extreme Concept

With cold riding upon us in Southern California (for us cold is in the 40's) we start to look to our long sleeve base layers to help keep the chill at bay in the mornings, and not over heat us as the sun brings the temps into the low 60's. So when we were asked by CRAFT to review their "Zero Extreme Concept" base layer we jumped at the opportunity. CRAFT is well known for innovative clothing, … [Read more...]