Ride The Black Line: Why Track Racing Appeals To Everyone


by Zachary Rynew There are very few things that remain like they once were. Movies are still made replacing actors with 3D animation. Shopping malls get updated to look like the latest thing. Even sports seems to have been corporatized at every level. When I watch the Karate Kid (the one with Karate), I always sigh to think about how things were. I was approaching teenager status when … [Read more...]

The Case For Finally Racing A Bicycle Crit

Roubaix Crash_2014

By Zachary Rynew Racing is dangerous. If you have a family member that cares for you, they'll discourage it and rightfully so. With speeds starting at 25 mph and your only protection a Tupperware grade helmet, there is virtually no margin of error while entrenched in a herd of riders. All it takes is a split second for someone to improperly guide their line, react to debris or just not … [Read more...]

Amgen Tour of California Womens Teams Finalized

Circuit Race and Time Trial Poised to Bring Unparalleled Women’s Racing to the U.S. LOS ANGELES (April 9, 2014) – In what is shaping up as the most competitive women’s cycling series ever staged in the U.S., the 2014 Amgen Tour of California will welcome 20 high-caliber teams from around the world to compete in a women’s circuit race on May 11, followed by a time trial with nearly two … [Read more...]

BMC Racing Team Statement: Alessandro Ballan

Ballan The BMC Racing Team is aware of, and will continue to monitor, CONI's legal proceedings involving Alessandro Ballan. Prior to a decision by the relevant authorities, the team will rely upon internal policies to determine the status of Ballan. At this time, no decision to remove him from active status has been made. As has been previously stated, the charges stem from a time period prior … [Read more...]

Cycling “logic”… The Ultimate List by System Six

When we say "clipless" shoes, we of course mean ones that have clips The derailleur keeps the chain from derailing Not only can you get dropped from a no-drop ride, but when you do the pack will wait up ahead so you can get dropped over and over again Hills are like the weather, everybody complains, but nobody does anything about it The laziest person in the pack is often the best … [Read more...]


Pack Fodder by: VeloGuy There are times when words don’t need to be said. When the spoken alphabet adds nothing to the world. I didn’t need to ask the bloke sitting much too close at the bar last night, the names of his girlfriends/children, as they were right there, tattooed on his neck. I don’t need to ask a teenager what shop they got their sweater in, as it is right there, written all … [Read more...]

Fisch Stories – Stop Crashing Idiots

What goes through your head when you see a bike crash? What goes through your head when you are in your final lap of a race and see a crash? What goes through your head when the crash is so severe that some cyclists aren't able to shake it off, and one man is down for the count, with a broken collarbone? Last weekend I was in a Cat 4/5 Race and during the final lap, more than 10 guys hit the … [Read more...]

BMC Racing Team Reveals Strade Bianchi Roster

The BMC Racing Team's lineup for Saturday's Strade Bianchi includes last year's winner, Philippe Gilbert, and runner-up, Alessandro Ballan. It also marks the first race of the year for George Hincapie, who begins his 19th season. Gilbert: 'No Stress' Gilbert said he is feeling no pressure as the defending champion. "I will start this race with motivation because it's a nice race," the Belgian … [Read more...]

Fisch Tales – A Cycling Blog

Fisch here, and I am a roadie. I am that guy who talks bikes, talks gear, talks shop, I even talk about which shaving cream is smoother for my legs. I will race others up hills and down, to stop signs and light posts. In group rides, I strive to be first to the rest stop, and when I see a group of riders in front of me I HAVE TO PASS THEM. I wear a kit that matches, socks, leg, arm warmers, … [Read more...]

BMC Racing Team Ready For Belgian Races

The BMC Racing Team's opening weekend of racing in Belgium also marks the cobbled classics debut for Taylor Phinney, who missed the spring classics last year due to injury. Testing Is Primary Objective Saturday's BMC Racing Team roster for Omloop Het Nieuwsblad includes past race winners Philippe Gilbert (2006, 2008) and Thor Hushovd (2009). "It's the first big classic for the guys and the … [Read more...]