Product Review – Dromarti Sportivo Bike Shoes

The Dromarti Sportivo Bike Shoe

The day the Dromarti Sportivo “Classic” bicycle shoes showed up on my door I was excited more than the usual product review excitement. From the website and advertising I had seen about the Dromarti shoes they looked beautiful, and I was dying to get my feet in a pair. To say that they did not disappoint is a huge understatement. As I opened the box they came in VeloWife happened to be … [Read more...]

Cleat Placement – A How To

Written by: Aram Bike Fitter at Predator Cycling We have been getting a lot of questions on cleat placement so we thought it would be a good idea to answer them. It is not as simple as so many people make it out to to be, “Just place the cleat center at the ball of your foot and center line of the shoe”. What is many times overlooked is that everything works together, the way the cleat is … [Read more...]

A Story So True Only One Name Was Changed

Dear Diary- Today was one of the more “interesting” days at the shop. Just when you think things can’t get any weirder, weird goes to a whole new level. Remember, Francesca the mean old lady I wrote about a few years ago? Yeah the one who’s pretty much the female version of Monty Burns, except more much more frail and meaner? She was the one I said I wouldn’t think twice about … [Read more...]