High Road Sports and Google Announce New Marketing Agreement

San Luis Obispo, CA - 1st July 2010 - High Road Sports announces a new technology and marketing collaboration with Google Inc., supported by partners HTC and SRM that brings a worldwide audience further inside the experience of racing in the Tour de France. Fans and viewers will be able to follow Team HTC-Columbia riders in real time with speed, heart rate, power output and other data … [Read more...]

The Three Legged Power Station

The first time I viewed a set of SRM power cranks in action was in 2001. I had read about the training tool in the media, where sensitive sensors were built into the chain ring design, to measure the rider's actual power output in Watts. Relate this to a 40-watt bulb being dim and a 100watt bulb being bright. Power is strength and strength means glory. Team Columbia use the SRM cranks, and now … [Read more...]

By The Power Of Grey Skull – Or, Why The Power Meter Is Ruining My Life

Do you want to know the fundamental difference between the common cyclist and a bicycle mechanic? Sorry if you don't. I'm going to tell you any way. A cyclist will lay eyes on that new, must have wonder product and immediately start fantasizing about how that product is going to transform them into the cyclist they've always dreamed of being. A bike mechanic will barley need a glimpse at … [Read more...]