Yoo Hoo, the best sports drink you never thought of…

Dear Yoo Hoo - scratch that -  Dr. Pepper Snapple company: Once in a while one gets a great idea, and if they're smart and enterprising, they find some way to make a buck off of it.  Other times they simply "gift" the idea to the world for whatever altruistic reasons or perhaps because they're too lazy too chase a buck, or perhaps they want to avoid a higher tax bracket. … [Read more...]

The Supplements We Use

Written by: Josh Horowitz (Adageo Energy Pro Cycling) The most common questions I get as a professional bike racer surround the subject of nutrition. What do you eat on and off the bike and what kind of supplements do you take? I’ve previously addressed the question regarding diet in my article The Pistachio Diet but the supplementation question is a bit more elusive. There is a sense of … [Read more...]