Martin Kohler Of Team BMC Interview From Training Camp

No one has to guess whether BMC's Martin Kohler is ready to get the season started. Though the BMC training camp is scheduled to start on the 9th, Kohler arranged to arrive in California a full week early. Since the California climate will certainly be much more conducive to comfortable riding, Kohler admitted to being very excited to get the ball rolling. Why have you come to the US so … [Read more...]

BMC Training Camp

Warming up for Training Camp: Lelangue's 12 month advantage With the BMC Racing Team's January training camp just days away, Directeur Sportif John Lelangue is in the final stages of preparation for the 15 day gathering. Beginning his second full year with the team, Lelangue is pleased to have had the benefit of working with and learning about the BMC riders' qualities this past year. … [Read more...]

Scott Nydam And The Rest Of The BMC Racing Team Are Chomping At The Bit

Having had what could be termed a break-out year in 2008, Scott Nydam and the rest of the BMC Racing Team are chomping at the bit to kick off the 2009 season with a bang. In last year\'s Tour of California, Nydam had his greatest success and impressed the entire peloton when he and his team mates defended the King of the Mountains jersey. "That whole race was a special experience that will … [Read more...]

Interview with Jeff Louder of Team BMC

Salt Lake Ciity, 2008-12-23 With training camp just weeks away, BMC\'s Louder excited for the season to start. Though BMC\'s Jeff Louder has not made a point of getting out of the cold and snow Utah has offered these last few weeks, he has been pleased with the results from his creative training regime. Content to make use of the wintry conditions by snow-shoeing and skate-skiing, … [Read more...]

Team BMC Getting Ready For 2009

Mallorca, 2008-12-15 With the main BMC training camp in early January fast approaching, the team members are already taking their preparation very seriously. For the Swiss contingency, the weather has begun to have a significant impact on their daily routines. Even on days that are dry enough to ride, the sun is setting so early that getting a proper ride in becomes more and more difficult. … [Read more...]

Team BMC Looks Forward To The 2009 Season

Santa Rosa/Paris: Since the snow is falling and most people are turning their attention to winter activities like skiing and Christmas shopping, it is paradoxically time for professional cyclists and teams to start their serious preparations for the up coming season. Now that BMC is assured of its place in the ProContinental division, concrete plans can be made for race options and season … [Read more...]

Tough Days in the Saddle For Team BMC

Tough Days in the Saddle The BMC Racing Team has returned to the cold Low Countries’ spring and ventured out in two more semi-classic races. Thursday found the squad at the GP Pino Cerami in Belgium, while Saturday afternoon they duked it out at the GP Drenthe in the Netherlands. Cerami: the team makes obvious improvements The racing weekend started out well for the young guns on BMC. … [Read more...]