US Rider Quintero Gets A 2-year Doping Ban

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, July 1, 2011 (AFP) - American cyclist Lisban Quintero has been issued a two-year suspension by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) after testing positive for a banned substance, USADA announced Friday. Quintero, a 29-year-old from New York, tested positive for the anabolic agents norandrosterone and noretiocholanolone in a sample collected May 22 at the Wilmington … [Read more...]

Swiss Lab Will Cooperate In Armstrong Doping Probe

WASHINGTON, May 27, 2011 - Swiss drug-testing laboratory director Martial Saugy has agreed to cooperate with a US federal investigation into Lance Armstrong and doping in cycling, the Washington Post reported Friday. The newspaper said Saugy met with US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) chief executive Travis T. Tygart last July in Moscow, according to a letter sent to Saugy from USADA on … [Read more...]

Cannell receives two-year suspension from USADA

Cannell receives two-year suspension from USADA; Masters Nationals results revised by USAC Colorado Springs, Colo. (April 11, 2011) - The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has announced that Peter Cannell, a Masters age athlete in the sport of cycling, has accepted a two-year suspension for violating the applicable sport anti-doping rules, including the Union Cycliste Internationale … [Read more...]

AFLD Invokes Confidentiality In Armstrong Investigation

The French Agency for fight against doping (AFLD) returned Thursday to a "secret investigation" by refusing to say whether it had sent samples to U.S. investigators on rider Cyclist Lance Armstrong dating back to the 1999 Tour de France. These samples of Armstrong contained the banned substance EPO, a product that is prohibited, according to a report published by the newspaper L'Equipe in … [Read more...]

Armstrong Not Racing Tour of California, But He Could

LOS ANGELES - Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has not entered the Tour of California, but changes in the event's drug test program revealed Wednesday open the door for him to do so. Organizers of America's biggest cycling race, to be contested May 15-22, will have the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) administer drug tests for the event rather than the International Cycling … [Read more...]

AFLD Interviewed Regarding Armstrong

PARIS- Members of the French Agency in the fight against doping (AFLD) is being interviewed this week in Lyon as part of a survey in the United States on the case of American cyclist Lance Armstrong said a source on Tuesday familiar with the matter. These hearings are being conducted on behalf of international assistance. Seat Interpol, the international police organization, which is located … [Read more...]

Michael Olheiser Named 2008 USA Cycling Elite Time Trial National Champion

Colorado Springs, Colo. -- Following the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s (USADA) disqualification of Jonathan Chodroff’s results, Michael Olheiser (Huntsville, Ala./Tri-Star Cycling Team) has been named the 2008 USA Cycling Elite Time Trial National Champion. USA Cycling has contacted Olheiser to congratulate him on his title and will award him with the Stars-and-Stripes jersey to … [Read more...]

Shawn Milne Named 2007 USA Cycling Professional Criterium National Champion

Colorado Springs, Colo. (October 7, 2010) – Following USADA’s disqualification of Kirk O’Bee’s results, Shawn Milne (Beverly, Mass.) has been named 2007 USA Cycling Professional Criterium National Champion. USA Cycling contacted Milne today to congratulate him on his title. A 2007 Stars-and-Stripes jersey was also mailed to the rightful winner. USADA announced yesterday that an … [Read more...]

Kirk O’Bee Gets Stung WIth A Lifetime Ban For Doping Again

COLORADO SPRINGS - Kirk O'Bee, a past member of Lance Armstrong's US Postal Service cycling team in 2000, received a lifetime ban for a second doping offense on Wednesday from a US arbitration panel. The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) announced the punishment to the 33-year-old American, whose results since October 3, 2005 -- including a 2007 US national criterium crown -- were wiped out as a … [Read more...]

AFLD “very impressed” With Case Against Armstrong

PARIS - The president of the French Agency for the fight against doping (AFLD), Pierre Bordry, said Thursday he was "very impressed" by the work of U.S. authorities investigating the case of Lance Armstrong who is being accused of doping by his former teammate Floyd Landis. The seven-time Tour de France rider is the target of an investigation by two U.S. attorneys and the U.S. Anti-Doping … [Read more...]